Atlanta Journal-Constitution needs to explain its ’40 acres and a mule’ tweet, says ex-AJC columnist

From a 20-year Atlanta Journal-Constitution employee:

I called Journal-Constitution editor Kevin Riley this afternoon, hoping to get more information than he’s supplied so far. (For starters: Was anyone disciplined?) He wasn’t in, his secretary said, and besides he wasn’t taking the calls about the tweet; consumer marketing manager Drue Miller was handling those. I called her and got a leave-a-message recording. If anyone at the AJC is brave enough to spill, you can reach me at You’ll be protected, of course.

Update: Miller forwarded this note from Riley:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is currently reviewing its social media procedures. Our investigation is ongoing and it is the AJC’s policy to not comment on any personnel issues.

We take this issue seriously, and as we stated earlier this week, the newspaper sincerely regrets the Twitter message that contained an inappropriate statement. We do not condone such offensive messages and are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of error does not happen again.

– Editor Kevin Riley, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

* Earlier: I’m guessing someone’s in trouble at the Journal-Constitution (