Morning Report for October 25, 2013

* A former editorial writer has changed his mind about endorsements: He says papers should stop choosing from “a bunch of badly flawed politicians.” (
define* Why the Associated Press wants the Sandy Hook 911 calls. (
* The AP shouldn’t have fired Bob Lewis, says Rem Rieder. “The death penalty for one error is overkill.” (
* What should reporters learn in journalism school? (
* Professor: Our definition of “journalist” is outdated and inadequate. ( | His paper: (
* @pourmecoffee and others explain why they tweet anonymously. (
* David Carr: “I never get confused about the fact that if my last name were not New York Times, far fewer would care what I thought.” (
* Paywalls will only work for papers with “really, really unique” content — the New York Times, for example. (
* How Detroit journalists are covering their bankrupt city. (
* Why interns should be paid: “Work should be paid for, that’s a basic ethic in our society.” (
* Longtime New York Times editor Rick Berke is named executive editor of Politico. (
* New York Daily News gossips occasionally took orders from boss Mort Zuckerman. ( | Read the transcript of Rush and Molloy’s chat: (
* NYT: Check out our latest multimedia project, “A Game of Shark and Minnow.” (@NYTimesComm)
* More layoffs at the Denver Post; citizen-journalism section YourHub is hit hard. (
* Staff changes at WWD’s Memo Pad media column: Alexandra Steigrad replaces Erik Maza, who has new WWD duties. (
* Bob Ingrassia: The keyboards I’ve loved over the years – from an Olivetti to the TRS-80. (