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Letter to Romenesko
telFrom A WORCESTER TELEGRAM & GAZETTE EMPLOYEE: I would like to bring your attention to what John Henry left out of his op-ed yesterday: that he bought two newspapers.

Mr. Henry has not visited the Telegram & Gazette newsroom, which is about 45 miles from the Globe. He has not said anything about what he plans to do with the paper now that we are under his ownership. There are about 300 people here, and we would like some answers, or at least recognition.

* Why I bought the Globe (
* What John Henry didn’t say in his op-ed (


BuzzFeed is looking for an Ideas editor who is eager “to invent a space beyond the traditional, stale newspaper op-ed page.” The ideal candidate has “at least 2 years’ experience arguing on the internet.” It’s also seeking an investigative reporter who can “report like a pit bull, write like an angel” and is “willing to spend Sunday mornings knocking on the home doors of people who slammed the phone on you the previous week.”

* Investigative editor: “Greatness, that’s basically the criteria” (

slateA Romenesko reader writes: “Has is it been noted that Slate’s recent redesign seems to have eliminated the search feature?”

I asked Slate editor David Plotz about this and he tells Romenesko readers: “Yes, coming back shortly. Our old search was essentially busted, so we pulled it down, and are launching a new, much better search in a couple/few weeks.”

* Slate’s new look: What we changed and why (


from the Columbus (GA) Ledger-Enquirer

* “Reminds me of a great one I saw in a competing local paper” (

On their birthday, Fort Wayne journalists get a little — and I do mean little — gift from Fort Wayne Newspapers CEO Mike Christman: It’s a $1.25 vending machine token. “Has to be the most insulting note I’ve ever gotten,” says a gift recipient. “Rather you send me nothing for my birthday than make me walk downstairs for a free stale pop. Meanwhile, think anyone at our paper can get a new battery pack for their equipment? No way. Christman won’t approve that.”

“This place isn’t for everyone,” Politico CEO Jim VandeHei tells his employees in a memo about the expanding news organization’s culture. “People who thrive here are highly talented, self-motivated doers who are brimming with passion and a desire to win.” He adds that “there is no tolerance for office drama and problem ducking. Litigate differences in person, bluntly but respectfully.”


From: Jim VandeHei
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2013 8:32 AM
Subject: The POLITICO Culture


I wanted to share my thoughts on the culture we are building here at POLITICO.

A lot of us – especially reporters – roll our eyes at long missives about corporate culture or expectations. But, I believe it is essential to think about what made POLITICO great – and what can make it even better – and to put it in writing so everyone can digest and understand it.

Thankfully, we have a healthy culture already. We no doubt hit some rough patches in getting here but I feel companywide the daily ride is smoother, more thrilling and more satisfying than ever./CONTINUES Read More

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* “Society is getting more candid regarding alcoholism,” even on the obit/death notice pages. “And about time.”
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