Morning Report for October 29, 2013

* Will former Philadelphia Inquirer owner Brian Tierney return to paper? It’s been discussed. (
* Tulsa columnist: Thugs killing thugs is “good public safety work being done for the police by the gangs.” (
bob* Bob Woodward is more active at the Post now that it’s owned by Jeff Bezos. (
* New York Times staffers get redesign preview. (
* Times style czar: We’re holding the line against friend and Google as verbs, except… (
* Vermont publication stops using a freelancer who misrepresented himself to a Pentagon media operations officer. (
* The FTC gets over 1,000 complaints annually from angry Facebook users. (
* Ray Suarez: “I felt like I didn’t have much of a future” at “NewsHour.” (
* The Associated Press was right to fire Bob Lewis for his McAuliffe error, says Alicia Shepard. (
* David Cay Johnston: “Bill Keller, and other journalists who cover Washington, should ask themselves why they believe the government should go after leakers.” (
* A tribute to Life and Sports Illustrated photographer Bill Eppridge. (
* Al Jazeera America plans to open a dozen new bureaus and add staff. (
* Hurricane Sandy one-year anniversary front pages: (
* A Portland radio station says it will take down its Chinatown billboard that says, “We Love You Long Time.” (
* The Nation seeks $120K from readers to cover postal-rate hikes. (