Discovery Channel, Fox News fall off Top 10 list of Republican-favored brands


YouGov’s latest Red, Blue and Independent Rankings survey has big-name brands falling out of the Top Ten list on the Republican side. The decliners include Fox News Channel, Chick-Fil-A, and Discovery Channel. Tool-maker Craftsman is No. 1 on the GOP list. (It’s No. 3 for Democrats.) Google and lead the Democrats’ list of favorite brands.

The brands that feature in the top ten for all three political affiliations seem mostly to relate to house and home. Craftsman, Clorox, Dawn, Johnson and Johnson, Home Depot and Cheerios appear in all three lists as well as online mega-retailer Amazon. Home Depot was a new entry for all three lists.

The BrandIndex score combines the average respondent scores for quality, value, general impression, satisfaction, reputation and willingness to recommend.

* Google and Craftsman top this year’s Red and Blue rankings (
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