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A reader sent this note after reading the post about the Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record closing its 4-person photo department:

As this page [below, from a Sun-Times Media weekly] illustrates, a reporter with an iPhone can tell a story just as well as any photographer. I mean a photojournalist would have missed the wipey board completely.

For that matter, holding a degree in photojournalism myself, I feel I should contact the university I attended and complain that I wasn’t given enough instruction on how to catch the essence of wipey boards.

I’m so disappointed in myself.

Signed anonymous.


* Earlier: This chicken sandwich photo is just sad, Sun-Times (

@ChristinaMcMc: “I like how on the Guardian homepage it currently looks like the Pope and a bear are waving at each other.” || @flashboy: “After their first tentative meeting on the Guardian homepage, the Pope and the Bear went on to become best friends.” (He has an image to prove it.)


In early September, News Corp. sold its Dow Jones Local Media Group — 33 newspapers — to the majority shareholder of GateHouse Media.

I’m getting reports today of “bloodbaths” at some of the former Dow Jones papers.
The Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record has confirmed my tipsters’ reports that the paper has laid off its four staff photographers and will now rely on freelancers.

At GateHouse-owned Cape Cod Media Group, seven full-time and 10 part-time employees were laid off today.

A former Times Herald-Record staffer tells Romenesko readers: “To put this in perspective, the four staff photographers at the Record had nearly 100 years in combined photojournalism experience, including one that had to be there for nearly 35 years.”

The paper says three “newsroom manager jobs” were eliminated. I’m told the positions are senior editor for local news; city editor; and assistant sports editor. My tipster writes: “The city editor had been at the newspaper for more than 40 years in some capacity. He was tough and respected by everyone in that newsroom, and they didn’t even give him the dignity of retiring. Just threw him out.”

The Times Herald-Record was Dow Jones Local Media Group’s flagship paper.

* Record announces seven layoffs in newsroom (

The layoffs memo to Cape Cod Media Group employees is after the jump. Read More


Boise sports “anchor, reporter, photographer, producer, editor, writer, statistician” Paul Gerke is getting praised for his Ron Burgundy impression: “awesome,” “spot on,” “must-watch,” “brilliant,” and “frickin hilarious!”
* Sportscaster does his entire segment as Ron Burgundy ( | @PaulGerke

Letter to Romenesko

From DAN MITCHELL: Permanently enraged Fox Business commentator Charlie Gasparino tweeted today that Bond Buyer was shutting down. Apparently not true, as he was quickly informed — whereupon he began (or rather, continued) insulting the people who corrected him. He told Heather Landy, the editor of American Banker: “gfy,” which of course means he told her to go fuck herself. And he revealed that he knows nothing about that publication when he told her to “go back to writing that muni bonds remain unchanged.”

This is not new. Gasparino reveals himself on Twitter — as he has done all day, every day, for years — to be severely emotionally stunted. He constantly hurls vicious insults at people and gets into long, juvenile pissing matches. He also tweets like a 14-year-old girl, unnecessarily using “u” for “you” etc.

One of our best-known “business journalists.”


“I shoot up not down,” Gaspirino tweeted after I invited him to comment.

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