FYI: The Bond Buyer is *not* closed

Letter to Romenesko

From DAN MITCHELL: Permanently enraged Fox Business commentator Charlie Gasparino tweeted today that Bond Buyer was shutting down. Apparently not true, as he was quickly informed — whereupon he began (or rather, continued) insulting the people who corrected him. He told Heather Landy, the editor of American Banker: “gfy,” which of course means he told her to go fuck herself. And he revealed that he knows nothing about that publication when he told her to “go back to writing that muni bonds remain unchanged.”

This is not new. Gasparino reveals himself on Twitter — as he has done all day, every day, for years — to be severely emotionally stunted. He constantly hurls vicious insults at people and gets into long, juvenile pissing matches. He also tweets like a 14-year-old girl, unnecessarily using “u” for “you” etc.

One of our best-known “business journalists.”


“I shoot up not down,” Gaspirino tweeted after I invited him to comment.