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* It’s official: “Nikki Finke will no longer be leading Deadline Hollywood.” (
* A tax mistake made 20 years ago just cost the New York Times $60 million. (
* Jeff Bezos rejected Fred Hiatt’s offer to resign as Washington Post editorial page editor. (
fox* Fox News was “having issues” with its website. ( | (
* “Nothing appears to be working” for CNN’s Jeff Zucker, says TV watchdog Andrew Tyndall. (
* Michael Miner: Another reason to be thankful the Koch brothers didn’t buy the Chicago Tribune. (
* New York Post editor-in-chief Col Allan vanishes — again. (
* Fusion TV claims Alicia Menendez has the potential to be an even brainier version of Rachel Maddow. (Good luck!) (
* After he’s scooped by a TV station, a Texas publisher regrets sitting on a story about a big-box store coming to town. (
* Reddit’s politics page is again allowing links from Mother Jones. (

ut“I didn’t see it coming at all, though our issues had been getting thinner,” says film critic Joe O’Shansky. “I was a little concerned about our ad sales. It’s a bummer.” Urban Tulsa Weekly owed its printer nearly $100,000, according to Tulsa World, which once sued the paper for its report on the daily’s circulation figures.

* Tulsa’s largest alternative weekly folds after 22 years ( | (
* From 2009: Jack Shafer has some advice for Urban Tulsa Weekly (

“If you are going to be on my side,” writes a YES! Weekly commenter, “please try not to be stupid while doing it.”

* Read more comments about this YES! Weekly post ( |

Update: Brian Clarey, who has been editor of YES! Weekly since its launch nine years ago, has been dismissed — although not over this Facebook post, which he had nothing to do with.

He writes in an email:

Actually this is the best firing I’ve ever had.

[Publisher] Charles [Womack] and I have different views about a lot of things, and there has been a disconnect even from the beginning. We’ve managed to make it work for the last nine years, but really the dynamic has played itself out. I knew this day would eventually come, and he likely did, too.

As for the impetus for the Facebook posts, I don’t know what to tell you. I saw them on my feed just like everybody else. I figured he’s the publisher, and he can do what he wants. ….

Some of [the tension] had to do with the sheer length of my tenure. After nine years, the fault lines start to show in any dynamic.

And at this point, I think I’m preventing him from having the kind of paper he wants. That’s the sense I get, anyway.

I would describe our relationship as fraternal. He really was like a brother to me — we both had so much happen in our lives while we were together.

Read Clarey’s statement to the media and his friends after the jump. Read More

Carl Bialik

Carl Bialik

Nate Silver has hired “Numbers Guy” columnist Carl Bialik away from the Wall Street Journal. “He’s a perfect fit for us and we’re thrilled to have him on the team,” tweets the founder. “At 538, @CarlBialik will have a broad and news-driven focus, providing his reporting & analysis across sports, economics and other subjects.”

In a tweet, Bialik thanks his colleagues at the Journal, where he’s worked for 12 years, and says it’s “not an easy place to leave.”

* 538 is hiring Carl Bialik, aka The Numbers Guy (@fivethirtyeight)
* Earlier: Silver is looking for journalists “who have the right critical thinking ability” (

Low in his column about the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito bullying case, former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti writes that his ex-colleagues at the “dying, insane-asylum newspaper” often tried to pick fights.

Jay Mariotti

Jay Mariotti

A couple of my sportswriting colleagues would walk into press boxes and bully teammates. One of them, an older columnist who didn’t like me and the fact I was on national TV, challenged me to two fist fights — right there and then — for no good reason.

… One of my editors — the editor-in-chief, in fact — thought the best recourse was to scream at me for pointing it out and, when I tried to leave his office, forearm-shiver me against a wall. He was fired shortly afterward, but the bullying didn’t stop. I had to break up two fights between our football writers, once in a Super Bowl hotel lobby in Jacksonville, the other in a press-box elevator in San Diego.

Any Sun-Times staffers – former or current – care to comment?

* While a bully raged, Dolphins enabled him (

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A Romenesko reader passes along a Gannett IT memo, sent to employees this morning, that says “we know there is a very deliberate campaign to infiltrate our company’s technology infrastructure in order to embarrass us and disrupt our business.”

Gannett Information Technology has been informed that a Gannett location received several reports of employees receiving calls on their work and cell phone numbers from unknown persons asking these employees to provide or update personal information.newmemo These cold-callers may be masquerading as technical support or security personnel asking you to go to a web site, type a command into your computer or ask for information pertaining to network equipment such as printers or computers.

When receiving calls where someone is asking you to provide information or perform certain tasks, please take precautionary measures. Always ask for the callers full name and let the caller know that you will call him or her back through your normal IT support channels. Then, contact your local IT support (x4357) to verify the request. If the call is legitimate, they will know about the activity and be able to verify the identity of the person.

We know there is a very deliberate campaign to infiltrate our company’s technology infrastructure in order to embarrass us and disrupt our business. We need your continued help to thwart these efforts.

* CBS News hasn’t invited Dan Rather to participate in its Kennedy assassination 50th anniversary coverage. (AP via Yahoo News)
* Hillary Clinton won’t let reporters cover her realtors conference speech at the Moscone Center on Saturday. (

Carrie Underwood in the Stillwater (OK) NewsPress

Carrie Underwood in the Stillwater (OK) NewsPress

* Carrie Underwood reacts to the image on the right: “Thanks Stillwater News Press for feeling the need to give me giant man feet with my pink dress! I laughed so hard!” (@carrieunderwood)
* AOL reports higher-than-expected third-quarter revenue, but Patch lowers the company’s operating income. (Reuters via Yahoo)
* For the second time in a week, NBC News pulls out the checkbook to pay for stories. (
* Will Bunch wants heads to roll at “60 Minutes” for its Benghazi report. (
* Columbus Dispatch’s bike blogger is critically injured after being hit by a car. (
* Conde Nast’s Ars Technica removes an article after getting a plagiarism complaint. (
* Former New York Observer interim editor Aaron Gell joins Business Insider to edit magazine-style features. (
* A Gawker/Business Insider merger has been discussed, but “I would just caution folks not to start hyperventilating about it,” says BI’s Henry Blodget. (
* MediaNews Group founder and chairman Dean Singleton is retiring. (
* Brit + Co. is looking for a senior editor with “an appreciation for the 90s” and the “ability to make up puns on the fly.” (@samfbiddle)
* Herb Greenberg recalls his first job as a Miami News copyboy. (
* The “most enthusiastic newspaper owner in America” is now letting people go. (