[UPDATED] Too short-staffed to vet candidates?


— Flint Journal headline

Newly elected councilman Wantwaz Davis tells the Flint Journal that he never hid the fact that he served 19 years in prison; it was just never reported by the news media, he says. “The Journal learned of the conviction Wednesday and Davis confirmed it when asked,” the paper reports.

A Flint Journal commenter writes:

I’ve asked the Journal if the candidates were vetted before the election.

Update: “We didn’t do good enough,” writes editor Marjory Raymer. “We did not inform voters – the way we all wish we could have – of that information [about Davis’s criminal record] before they went to the polls on Tuesday.”

There are a few who criticize The Journal for not getting this story earlier – I agree and I take full responsibility for that.

We’ve been talking a lot internally about how and why we didn’t find out sooner. Here’s what we know: We don’t ever want it to happen again and are developing a process to ensure it never does.

* Flint voters elect two convicted felons to the city council (mlive.com)
* “We should have done better,” says the editor (mlive.com)