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* Jack Shafer: “The New York Times as an institution still trumps any star it has ever helped create.” (
* Business Insider’s Henry Blodget says he’s spending every dollar his site makes — “and then some” — to compensate staff. (

- A tree made out of Orlando Sentinels

– A tree made out of Orlando Sentinels

* Erica Rodriguez: “My 6-foot Orlando Sentinel newspaper tree is an office hit! Yes, that is a hand-made, all-newspaper tree covered with a bit sparkle.” (
* Copies of the Gotham City Chronicle — produced for #SFBatkid day — were reportedly gone in minutes. (
* Layoffs reported at GateHouse-owned weeklies. “Managers said they had developed ‘alternative newsgathering solutions’ for the weekly papers.” (Wonder what those are.) (
* New York Times too easy on Obama? “It certainly doesn’t seem to be the case over the past two days,” writes the paper’s public editor. (
* Politico’s Mike Allen helps MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough sell books. (
* JFK assassination special is a hit for CNN, averaging 508,000 viewers in the key demo vs. 487,000 for Fox News. (
* PSA: Harper’s now has an iOS app. (Sorry, Android fans, you’ll have to wait a bit.) (

John Berman, just after dropping an F-bomb on live TV.

John Berman, just after dropping an F-bomb on live TV.

On Wednesday, a Detroit TV reporter who was having trouble with her earpiece at a fire scene dropped an F-bomb that could be heard by viewers.

It happened again today, this time on CNN.

Shortly before 3 p.m. ET, John Berman was coming back from a commercial break when viewers heard him tell his co-anchor, “…fucked it up!”

Berman has been apologizing on Twitter to the people who’ve mentioned his slip-up. One viewer praised him: “Tons of composure after the mistake. Live and learn. Glad I’m not on tv.”

You can hear Berman’s F-bomb here.

h/t Dave Darling

From BuzzFeed’s 2006 editorial policy statement: “BuzzFeed only features buzz that is detected by our technology and selected by our editors. We do not accept payment for coverage and we refuse to link to any blog or news source that takes money in exchange for writing positive commentary. Our aim is to aggregate authentic excitement that captures what real people are saying about the things they find most interesting.”

* BuzzFeed turns 7-years-old today (@theferocity) | BuzzFeed posts from November 2006 (

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San Francisco is being turned into Gotham City today for five-year-old cancer patient Miles (aka Batkid). A special-edition Gotham City Chronicle — with the lead story by Clark Kent — was put out by the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s great to print nice news for a change,” says managing editor Audrey Cooper, “and Lois Lane was happy to come out of retirement for this special assignment.”

* Chronicle will print special editions for “Batkid” flash mob (
* Batmobile arrives as San Francisco turns into Gotham City for Batkid (
* President Obama tweets a photo of Batkid in costume (@BarackObama)
* 13,303 tweets using #SFBatKid hashtag over the last 90 minutes (@SladeHV)

Tallahassee Democrat executive editor Bob Gabordi read plenty of attacks on his paper this week for reporting the existence of a year-old sexual battery complaint naming star Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

Gabordi writes:

Social media postings [were] suggesting we were trying to sensationalize the story and alleging we were trying to tear down the team and hurt Winston.winston

I got on Facebook for a while and answered several emails to try to explain the back story, but the reality is fans really didn’t want to hear it. As a fan, I get it.

As a journalist, though, I can’t accept it. Several people have already said they were canceling their subscriptions to punish us for reporting the story. One person insisted we needed to apologize for telling the story.

Gabordi says that’s “what people do when the news is not what they want to hear,” but “I hope they won’t stop reading us, of course.”

* Editor: Our Jameis Winston story explained ( | Reaction to the column (
* “The democrat like all democrats thrive on B.S.,” and more reaction on Facebook (
* FSU quarterback Jameis Winston named in sexual battery complaint (

* Forbes explores a sale after getting interest from potential buyers. (
* WSJ’s editorial integrity has remained intact under Murdoch’s ownership, writes Joe Pompeo. (
* What Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and other journalists were doing when they heard the news of JFK’s assassination. (
* John Oliver (left) is leaving “The Daily Show” to host a weekly HBO show. (
* Time Inc.’s Norm Pearlstine: “Editors ought to be judged by renewal rates, by subscriptions, by newsstand sales or whatever measure is appropriate, whether it’s uniques or page views or video downloads.” (
* “We want to write headlines people click on,” says Quartz’s Kevin Delaney. “That compels you to write good content.” (
* Noted: NPR has aired six stories in little more than a month about the National Zoo pandas. (
* Ken Doctor: “It’s print subscribers who are responsible for the only bright spot in newspaper revenue growth.” (
* Vancouver Sun editor: An inaccurate piece on Huffington Post resulted in “astonishing and unwarranted attacks upon the integrity of this newspaper.” (
* Can a Ron Burgundy exhibition save the struggling Newseum? (
* Rem Rieder: “60 Minutes” has to answer a lot of questions about its Benghazi report. (
* Bloomberg Businessweek PR writes in an email: “The largest issue of Businessweek since 1999 is out today.” It’s 212 pages with 111 pages of ads. (
* Judge’s ruling leaves fired Philadelphia Inquirer editor Bill Marimow “in a state of suspended animation.” (
* Prolific Los Angeles journalist Mark Lacter is dead at 59. (
* Mookie Sullivan ties and other things that Wired editor Scott Dadich likes. (