Tallahassee Democrat editor: Why we ran our story about FSU quarterback Jameis Winston

Tallahassee Democrat executive editor Bob Gabordi read plenty of attacks on his paper this week for reporting the existence of a year-old sexual battery complaint naming star Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

Gabordi writes:

Social media postings [were] suggesting we were trying to sensationalize the story and alleging we were trying to tear down the team and hurt Winston.winston

I got on Facebook for a while and answered several emails to try to explain the back story, but the reality is fans really didn’t want to hear it. As a fan, I get it.

As a journalist, though, I can’t accept it. Several people have already said they were canceling their subscriptions to punish us for reporting the story. One person insisted we needed to apologize for telling the story.

Gabordi says that’s “what people do when the news is not what they want to hear,” but “I hope they won’t stop reading us, of course.”

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