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Denver Post seeks a pot website editor

Update: I asked news director Kevin Dale about interest in the position and he replied:
“It’s early, but it’s an internal only position. [My boldface.] We’re not adding a spot right now. Our contract with the Guild requires all new positions to be posted, so we did that. The editor will come from within the newsroom.” (Sorry, folks.)

* Denver Post seeking a weed editor (@stevejmcmillan) | Kevin Dale on Twitter
* From 2009: Denver’s Westword seeks a freelance marijuana critic (

This showed up in my mailbox today
Sorry, Bloomberg, I’m not coming back now
* Bloomberg cans reporter who talked about editors killing China story (

Baltimore Business Journal put Betamore CEO Mike Brenner on its 40 Under 40 list, which features up-and-coming young executives.brenners Prankster Brenner sent his identical twin, Dan, to the newspaper’s offices for the photo shoot, and now he’s being punished for having some fun. Editor-in-chief Joanna Sullivan has rescinded the CEO’s invitation to the newspaper’s party next month.

“I’m just a stick-in-the-mud newspaper editor who still worries about our readers getting the correct information,” Sullivan writes. “The BBJ’s credibility is everything. When we make a mistake, we correct it. And in this case, a mere correction wasn’t enough.”

The editor adds (and I’m a bit puzzled by this): “Although I asked Brenner not to come to our 40 Under 40 bash next month, his twin is welcome.”

Mike Brenner writes on Facebook: “After apologizing for the prank, I was hoping they would reinstate my invitation to the awards celebration. …It was intended to be in good fun and to be harmless but after talking with one of the editors, I clearly upset the publication.” He adds in a tweet: “I’m honored to receive these awards, but it’s hard for me to take them too seriously.”

* We got duped by a 40 Under 40 honoree and his twin brother (
* “The BBJ has uncovered the truth!” (
* Brenner: “[I’m an] identical twin who still enjoys the occasional prank” (

Brett Crandall put on his Church of Latter-Day Saints PR-man hat when he distributed this advisory:


Brett Crandall then covered the event for his other job — reporter for Action4 News (KGBT) in Harlingen, Texas. (His story doesn’t disclose that he promoted the Helping Hands project.)

Crandall hasn’t responded to my email, but I heard back from his news director, Kimberly Wyatt. “I am unaware of much of the information listed below,” she wrote, referring to Crandall’s Media Advisory, which I sent her. “I will be looking into it.”

* Church group improves lives in La Joya colonias (

A photo of former Detroit News editorial cartoonist Henry Payne is posted next to a column headlined, “Why do brothers kill brothers.” Here’s how it begins: “The Negro, as I prefer calling the people that are commonly called blacks or African-Americans…”

Payne didn’t write the piece, though; African-American pastor Robert L. Smith is the author. Still, the blog post was quickly pulled by the News. Smith didn’t seem surprised when I called him this afternoon. He said he also used “Negro” – he prefers that over “black” – when he recently talked to “60 Minutes” for its segment on Detroit, and the word never got on the air.


* Ron French: How did this get in the Detroit News? (

Update — Managing editor Gary Miles tells Romenesko readers: “I pulled the Politics Blog item by Rev. Robert Smith Jr. from our site today because I felt it wasn’t quite ready for publication.

“Henry Payne was, until Monday, the editor of the Politics Blog and his photo appeared on our Politics Blog only in that respect. Henry didn’t edit or write this piece. But because his was the only photo on that page at the time it was posted, Facebook picked up his mug shot when readers reposted the blog.”

…but don’t bother applying at the Tribune

* Banner ad #fail (@kiragoldenberg)

A Chicago Tribune staffer reports:

The Digital First Media-owned St. Paul Pioneer Press is selling its printing facility and turning to the rival Star Tribune for its printing needs.twin “These changes will not affect the content or delivery of the newspaper, but will improve our color quality and color capacity,” says Pioneer Press publisher Guy Gilmore.

Star Tribune CEO Mike Klingensmith adds: “Across the country, outsourcing arrangements such as this are becoming increasingly common as publishers seek to gain cost efficiencies.”

Star Tribune to start printing the Pioneer Press in 2014 (

Read the Digital First Media release after the jump. Read More

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune reports nearly 700 jobs will be cut in the restructuring. Reporters and photographers won’t be affected, according to Robert Feder.
Tribune Co. chief executive officer Peter Liguori tells employees that “we have decided to unify the non-editorial functions of our publishing businesses,”Unknown but “creating these critical efficiencies and ensuring the long-term strength of our mastheads will, unfortunately, result in the selective reduction of our publishing staff.”

The CEO adds: “Aligning the non-editorial areas of our business units by function, rather than by geography, will allow us to better share best-practices, create efficiencies and maintain our local focus. This will enable us, in turn, to continue investing in the lifeblood of our business: best-in-class reporting, effective sales and digital growth.”

Liguori’s memo is after the jump. Read More

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* Film critics have to sign a confidentiality agreement before screening Spike Lee’s “Oldboy.” (
* Chief content officer: “Your comments — your criticisms — about’s reporting on Rutgers have raised questions that deserve a response.” (
* Women’s Wear Daily: “[Our] standards do not and cannot include allowing brands to dictate the terms of our reporting.” (
* The revamped Capital New York will have a “robust” free site, but most of its coverage will be exclusive to “Pro”-level subscribers. ( | The site will get an assist from The Mike Allen Brand. (
* New York Times launches a one-minute video news segment that will air three times daily. (
* Owner of the Baton Rouge/New Orleans Advocate claims the rival Times-Picayune “is all about the Kardashians and Hollywood.” (
* Stephen Colbert likes Slate’s “minutes to read” feature “because “clicking on a story is a huge commitment. …I want to be able to decide before I click whether a story is worth my time.” (
* Another newspaper puts its building on the market. Gannett’s Shreveport Times is asking $3.1 million for its downtown offices. (
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* From a Nov. 19 Gawker Media memo: “For the second month in a row, our traffic has surpassed 100M global uniques – a good sign that we’re holding onto audience from September’s surge. Today, we’re clocking in at 102.2M global uniques in Quantcast.”