Defending a dead alt-newspaper editor

A Romenesko reader, who didn’t want to be named, writes:

James Rensenbrink

James Rensenbrink

Let me break that down. He expected reporters to be able to spell? He thought a deadline meant something? Fiend! In 1969, a gallon of gas was about 35 cents, a first-class stamp was six cents and the median income was $8,400. That “little” $25 was a lot better than the “exposure” I see most publications offering now, and in purchasing power, depending on the online calculator I use, it represented the equivalent of about $175 or so in current dollars. Not a king’s ransom, but a lot better than the spiteful pittance most publishers grudgingly toss from the BMW parked in their second home’s driveway.

Update: Romenesko readers discuss what they were paid in the 1960s through 1980s.

* James Rensenbrink, whose alternative paper endured, dies at 81 (