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What’s your problem with “news papers,” Fairway Market?
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* Put something shocking at the top of the page, and other things the late Peter Kaplan said. ( | (@SridharPappu) | (
kaplan* Under Kaplan, the New York Observer “gleefully chronicled the every move and shake of the city’s movers and shakers.” ( | Kaplan and his writers. ( | Media people tweet about the legendary editor. (
* Gawker: “There isn’t a major publication operating, including this site, that doesn’t have a Kaplan man or woman with their hands in the wheel.” (
* Lara Logan a “60 Minutes” scapegoat? (
* Sex offenders in Minnesota aren’t allowed to read three of the state’s newspapers. (
* Gannett’s Asheville Citizen-Times apologizes for not making it clear that a 48-page “propaganda rag” was an advertising insert. ( | (
* Of course, some New York Times readers were offended by Wednesday’s page one breast photo. (
* Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Washington Post’s “Know More” and the attempt to find a balance between entertaining features and serious journalism. (
*Oh, no! “I realize my Facebook posts have been public for anyone with an account to see.” (
* Daytona Beach News-Journal opinion editor (and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” fan) “Mac” Thrower is dead at 60. (
* A rarity? Social media editor at Chicago Tribune’s RedEye is “thankful for every day that doesn’t end in someone calling me an asshole on the Internet.” (
* Russell Brand blasts a Murdoch paper for claiming he cheated on his girlfriend. (