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Get him! Pulitzer-winner Mark Fritz goes after another Mark Fritz
* Fritz tells Fritz: “I’m going to destroy you, you despicable parasite.” (
* Chinese authorities conduct unannounced “inspections” at Bloomberg News bureaus in Beijing and Shanghai. (
* Some media outlets are exploiting interns “in a way that would make corporate America proud.” (
* Bloomberg News Washington editor Mike Tackett joins the New York Times. (
* Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman talks Twitter with Emerson College marketing class. (
* The woman in New York Times’ page one breast photo responds to readers. (
* Funny or Die tackles the Nikki Finke-Jay Penske saga. (
* Shaw Media family fight is about the rejection of a $120 million offer from Tribune in 1999. (

“Totally J/K” hosts Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel recently appeared on “The Pete Holmes Show” – it follows “Conan” on TBS – and discussed their visit to Mike Huckabee’s Fox News show.

Noah Garfinkel (left) and Joe Mande

Noah Garfinkel (left) and Joe Mande

Noah Garfinkel: “Mike Huckabee has a weekend show on Fox and we thought it would be really funny to put on suits and eat way too many weed cookies and go see the show. It turns out that it’s just terrifying.”

Joe Mande: “The experience of going to Fox News on pot cookies is — I’ve never been more scared and bored in my life.”

Garfinkel: “They have a mirror to make the audience look twice as big so we were also seated next a mirror, so we could just look at ourselves being stoned.”

Mande: “The reason we put on suits was we were afraid we weren’t going to fit in — we’re like, we have to dress like Republicans. Not a necessary thing. Everyone else was wearing sweatpants.”
Mande: “We went back to my apartment [after the show] because I had DVR’d the episode — we wanted to see the show we just saw, so we’re still high and we started watching ‘Huckabee.’ Even though we were in the front row, they managed to edit us out of every single [shot] … We were either so high and scary-looking that Fox News didn’t feel comfortable putting us on television, or we were so high we never even went to a ‘Huckabee’ taping.”

* Why you shouldn’t sit in a Fox News audience while stoned (

“Look out Vermont and New Hampshire?” writes Dan Stockman, who forwarded a Monday afternoon news release that included this weather map.

* “If your weather event lasts more than four hours, call your meteorologist” (

-- From a Will Greenlee crime story

— From a Will Greenlee crime story

It was Matthew Keys who pointed out the quirky crime story that defined “pizza” for readers. (They were told that it’s “a flat food featuring cheese and tomato sauce.”)

Regular readers of Will Greenlee’s “Off the Beat” column expect that kind of offbeat reporting. willg

Greenlee admits that his style “is an acquired taste.” He says in an email that his specialty is “stories about naked people, booze-fueled shenanigans and that sort of thing,” and that “puzzling terms like ‘hat’ and ‘pizza’ are carefully broken down for the reader in a completely factual manner.

“It’s a service I provide. In all seriousness, it tends to be a lighter look at arrests in the area that don’t rise to the level of inclusion in the print paper.”

The Matthew Keys retweets — there were 133 at last check — “were a blast,” Greenlee adds. “Getting lots of laughs out of some of them. Every once in a while, one of my ‘Off the Beat’ entries resonates and gets some national/international traction.”

* Thanks for explaining pizza, but you forgot a meat choice (
* “Off the Beat with Will Greenlee” (

* Some liberal media outlets “are exploiting workers in a way that would make corporate America proud.” (
* New York magazine will start coming out every other week in March. “I would not be [cutting the weekly’s print schedule] if I didn’t believe we could make a better magazine and continue to grow what we do both in print and online,”mags says editor-in-chief Adam Moss. (
* Choire Sicha figures New York makes lots of money. (
* Time’s print subscriber base is at a standstill, but the magazine is investing aggressively in its website. (
* Tribune rebrands the New Haven Advocate. “What was once an influential newsweekly … is now a give-away insert of the state’s largest daily paper.” ( | (
* “Within 15 seconds, I know whether an item is going to work” and go viral, says Gawker’s Neetzan Zimmerman. (
* Carolyn Ryan’s appointment signals a change of direction for the New York Times’ Washington bureau. (
* will test whether people are willing to pay for investigative journalism. (
* Jezebel news editor deletes her “Why couldn’t it be Scott Walker?” tweet and apologizes. (
* Don’t believe the Amazon drone hype. (
drone* Cory Bergman: “The fact that Amazon didn’t think to grab @AmazonDrone makes its marketing less than brilliant.” (@corybe)
* A college paper in Toronto is told to remove a lockdown-drill video. (
* Syracuse University’s La Voz magazine pulls its “ratchet” culture-themed issue after getting criticized. ( | “Our current issue was not intended to offend.” (
* The new HearHere iPhone app is similar to Pandora, but with a focus on news. (