‘Journalism cheated on me,’ says author of ‘Getting Laid (Off)’

rodneyDetroit journalist and cancer survivor Rodney Curtis is out with his third book, “Getting Laid (Off).” He says in an interview with David Crumm:

[The book] is about just what the title says — losing your job. I worked in journalism and journalism cheated on me. I had been married to journalism for many many years and, then all at once, journalism went out and decided it didn’t want to be faithful to me anymore. It left me — and I was out. …

When you lose your job, you feel like you’ve let down your family and that’s terrible. Then, with cancer, especially if you’ve got kids at home like I did, this feels like you’ve let down your family 10 fold more than that! Thankfully, my family and I, now, have gone through these deep black holes together—job loss and cancer—and now, as we’re sitting here talking, I think I can say we’re all safely out the other side.

You can get through this. If I’ve got one message in all of this, that’s it: Yes, you can get through this.

* An interview with Rodney Curtis (readthespirit.com) | @rcurtis (twitter.com)
* From 2009: Curtis gets a “pretty humane” Detroit Free Press heave-ho (gannettblog.blogspot.com)