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From today’s Tillamook (OR) Headlight-Herald

* Colt .45 Stratemeyer weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces at birth (

— h/t @ninatypewriter

During a segment on the fake sign language interpreter at the Mandela memorial service, a “Today” producer popped up on the screen and did some faking signing.
* “Today” apologizes for joke during sign language segment (

* Ex-Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli invests in The News Lens, a Taipei-based startup. (
* Ex-Cleveland mayoral candidate has newspaper publishing dreams. (
* New York Times CEO Mark Thompson pays $3.4M for a place on the Upper West Side (
* Teen journalist Chris Cotillo “is the Brian Stelter of baseball.” (@jfdulac)
* John Mecklin is named editor of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (
* Claim: The standing ovation for Philadelphia Inquirer editor Bill Marimow was orchestrated. (
* Ex-Milwaukee mayor tells reporter: “Nobody says anything about [my old extramarital affair] at all. The only ones who say it are you. I’m not surprised you asked about it … If I were a reporter, I’d do the same thing.” (
* Canada Post has a five-year plan to phase out home delivery. (

frankRomenesko reader Frank Gallagher (left) read the post yesterday about a Denver reputation-protection firm looking for “a content journalist who can type 7,000 words a day” and “produce stellar and quality literature.” He then sent this note to the employer:

Wow, I guess weed really is legal in Denver … 7k words a day for $14 an hour and no benefits offered via an ad riddled with copy-editing and basic syntax errors? You have got to be high as fuck … Good luck with that; you get what you pay for.

Here’s the reply he got:

Interesting. We just hired two Journalists, with experience who are excited to work for a small business and help us grow (benefit) Both have Masters Degree’s and have Traditional Journalism experience.

Good luck getting ahead in life being a “journalist.” Content writing typcially pays $12 an hour.

Best regards,

* Wanted (really!): A great writer who can type fast (

* Update: “ is a GIANT SCAM!” (

Here is Houston Chronicle editor Nancy Barnes’ memo about Vernon Loeb leaving the Washington Post to become managing editor at the Hearst-owned paper.

* Loeb, 57, will begin his new role in Houston on Jan. 15 (

Dec. 11, 2013

To the staff:

Nancy Barnes

Nancy Barnes

It is with great pleasure that I share the news that Vernon Loeb, metro editor of the Washington Post, will join the Houston Chronicle as managing editor on January 15. I know I told many of you that I wasn’t necessarily in a hurry to fill that role, unless I found just the right person for this newsroom. In Vernon, I’m sure you will agree that I have.

The first job of any great managing editor is to champion the journalists in the room and their work, and to help everyone reach a little (or a lot) higher. Vernon has succeeded in doing that in every editing role he has undertaken, and by all reports, has brought unceasing energy and passion to his work./CONTINUES Read More

Sarah Lockard, who runs the Philly website, is looking for a restaurant to feed her family of five for free on Christmas Eve. In exchange, she’ll promote the establishment on Facebook and in her newsletter. In addition, she’ll post five photos of the dining experience to Instagram, where she has 559 followers.

Here’s what she sent to Philadelphia area restaurants (via

From: Sarah Lockard
Date: December 9, 2013 at 9:17:32 PM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Host the Awesome Lockards on Christmas Eve!

Good Evening!!!

Sarah Lockard

Sarah Lockard

Every Christmas Eve my family enjoys an amazing night dining out and this year I am offering you the exciting opportunity to be our restaurant that hosts us!

The host restaurant will receive approximately $1,000 in PR with AML:

1) 2 Facebook posts on AML’s Facebook page promoting the respective restaurant as the restaurant of choice for AML’s family for Christmas Eve

2) 5 instagram photos during the dining experience

3) 2 AML enewsletter ads in Jan and Feb 2014 (reaches over 3,000 unique individuals)

4) listed in our Christmas Eve dining guide published Dec 10th, 2013 on AML.

We are asking for the following in turn:

Dinner for 5 drinks and food compensated, we will tip according to the value to the server.

This is a VERY innovative and effective way to promote your restaurant on this very competitive evening and reach tens of thousands of local foodies through AML’s channels.

Please note this is first come, first serve.

I am excited to hear from you!

Be THE top restaurant we recommend this Christmas Eve to our HUGE audience!!!!

Your friend,

Sarah Lockard

Lockard is getting blasted in the comments section for her attempt to get a free meal:

– “If dinner for 5 is worth 5 instagram photos, then I should be eating for free all the time.”
– “Her services are overpriced. I’ll do 2 Facebook posts and 5 Instagrams for a used cocktail coaster. First come, first served.”
– “The soup kitchen would be a good place for her to start and help. Maybe she will learn something there.”
– “A little compassion for the lady please. She’s needy and it’s the holidays.”

I called Lockard for comment and got this message: “The mailbox is full and cannot leave any messages at this time. Goodbye.” (Mailbox filled with invitations from restaurants hate messages?) I’ve also sent her an email.

* How to get your restaurant featured on (

aloha* “Correction of the year?” asks reader Daniel Durchholz, who sent the above item. (
* A suspected serial killer calls the Clarion-Ledger’s Jerry Mitchell “a shrimpy, evil reporter.” (
* Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale: I’ve been advised to sue Rob Ford for his pedophile insinuation, but “I’m truly not yet sure what I will do.” (
* More Gannett local papers are adding USA Today as an insert. Beginning in January, the chain will have up to 14 pages of USA Today content in 35 of its papers. “This gives USA Today a print presence seven days a week,” notes publisher Larry Kramer. ( | (
* Houston Chronicle’s new editor, Nancy Barnes, has chosen Washington Post local editor Vernon Loeb as her managing editor, I’m told. (Now confirmed.)
cheney* Alexandra Cheney (left) leaves the Wall Street Journal to cover the movie business for Variety. (
* Time is criticized for choosing the pope over Edward Snowden as Person of the Year. ( | Time’s POY is just a PR stunt. (
* Rachel Maddow will write a monthly column for the Washington Post. (
* Question for NYT’s Michael Luo: “As a reporter who publicly identifies as a Christian, are you alone at The Times?” (No, he says.) (
* Chicago Reader press critic: “I have issues with my liver serious enough for my doctors to want to trade it in for a new one.” ( | Earlier: Michael Miner seeks a liver donor. (
* News Corp. seeks a buyer for The Brooklyn Paper and other publications. (
* Michele Bachmann claims 80 percent of media reporting is anti-conservative. (
* Eric Zorn on the use of “sucks.” (
* Report: Orange County Register is expanding into Los Angeles. (