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* Washington Examiner wants a Michigan paper to apologize for plagiarism. (
* Last dead-tree edition: “Onion print revenues up 5,000%” (
* Bloomberg News awards bonuses for market-moving stories. (
* Ken Doctor: Public radio station KPCC’s new iPad app “is a shape-shifting kind of product.” (

Big Shot at Temple U.

Big Shot at Temple U.

* “You call the Chairman of the Board asking for a fucking phone number?” Temple University’s board chairman (left) asks a student reporter. “Like I’m your secretary? Would you like a sandwich, too?” (
* Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale sues Rob Ford over his pedophile insinuation. (
* Hollywood Reporter’s big scoop: A long talk with retired PR-rep-to-the-stars Pat Kingsley, who “only once rais[ed] an index finger to warn something is off the record.” (
* Time Warner mulls saddling Time Inc. with $1.5 billion worth of debt. (
* Fox News rising star Megyn Kelly is a race hustler, says J.K. Trotter, and “her boss Roger Ailes is very pleased.” ( | (
* An unnamed source claims Bill Marimow wanted $1 million to leave the Philadelphia Inquirer editor’s chair. His rep denies that. (
* AOL boss Tim Armstrong calls Patch an “asset with optionality.” Richard Horgan wonders if that should be an “option with assanality.” (
* Harper’s publisher John MacArthur says a friend didn’t get fair treatment in a Times obit. (
* Jason Fagone: “To do book promotion well, you need to summon crazy amounts of irrational optimism.” (

Author and New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean recently did an All Write Already! podcast. An excerpt:

If you want to write, there has never been a better environment for writing and getting your work broadcast to the world. On the other hand, I think it’s harder to get paid, so you have to begin thinking in a rather different way.

Susan Orlean

Susan Orlean

I’ve always been skeptical about the value of blogs. It’s not the thing I tell people to do; I don’t say: Number one, start a blog. The reason for that is very specific, which is, it’s not only that you don’t get paid, it’s that you have no editor and no opportunity to have your work filtered through a critical eye.

Sure, [blogging is] a writing exercise and there’s an argument that writing is just good the more you do it. But I still feel that there’s more value in trying really hard to find somewhere where you’re going to write and have to kind of square off with another perspective — somebody who says, ‘This doesn’t make sense to me,’ or, ‘Why are you writing this piece?’ or, ‘This lede just doesn’t engage me.’ A blog just doesn’t offer you that.

She says of Twitter: “All writers should have as many forms of unproductive distraction as possible. For me it used to be that I would clean drawers or rearrange my closets or start cooking lunch. I had many, many ways of pretending to be working, but not really working. So Twitter is quite marvelous at that. It is a wonderful, wonderful way of just procrastinating …

“But secondly, I do think the more you write – whatever the form – the better; it’s a valuable thing, even if it’s writing 140 characters.”

faulkWhat writer – living or dead – would you most like to have a drink with? “I would probably have to say William Faulkner because I’m, first of all, I’m such a fan and his writing has meant so much to me. Also, because if you’re going to have a drink, he was a big drinker; you would certainly have somebody who was very good at drinking.”

* Episode 29 – Susan Orlean ( | @susanorlean (


Erica Schwiegershausen tallied up the total cost of gifts from magazine gift guides and concluded that “editors think you are rich. So rich. So. So. Rich.” (She notes that the average American expects to spend $786 on holiday gifts this year.)


* How rich do these magazine editors think we are? (

sarahSarah Lockard, the proprietor who is trying to get a Philadelphia-area restaurant to feed her family of five for free on Christmas Eve, has let people know that she’s now charging $75 for any contact. “Every text, email and biz correspondence with is billable,” she says.

The screenshot below – grabbed about a week ago – was sent to me by a Lockard acquaintance. The tipster writes in an email: “She posted this on her Facebook page and must have regretted the decision because she deleted it the next day.”

Lockard didn’t return my email yesterday. I left a phone message this morning. (Will I now be charged $150?)

The deleted post

* Blogger invites restaurants to feed her family for free on Christmas Eve (

* Re Newtown: “Few journalists can remember when a semiofficial requestmedia for the media to stay away has been heeded,” as it apparently will be on Saturday. (
* The Fox News PR machine lets WaPo’s Dan Zak spend some time with “budding star” Megyn Kelly. (
* Long-form journalism? Why not just call it magazine writing? (
* What next for NBC’s Ann Curry? (“She wants to move on” – perhaps to another network – after the “Today” debacle.) (
* AOL boss Tim Armstrong teases Patch partnerships. ( | “The potential partners (plural) will be large companies, not small local publishers.” (
* Will Huffington Post be spun off from AOL? (Looks like it.) (
* More New York Observer changes are leaked. (White newsprint!) (
* Martha Stewart’s company is expected to fire up to 100 people today. (
free* All of is free today, courtesy of Oracle. (@WSJ)
* The most impressive stuff on Pinterest is being done by the Wall Street Journal, says Sarah Marshall. (
* Associated Press journalists call for a fair contract. (#FairAPContract)
* Pierre Omidyar in 2009: News outlets shouldn’t publish stolen information. (
* Hockey New Brunswick tells fans and players to watch what they put out on social media. (
* Job tryout: “Write 10-15 sentences on Blake Lively’s plastic surgery.” (