St. Paul Pioneer Press offers buyouts, agrees not to oppose unemployment claims

The Minnesota Newspaper Guild sent this memo to employees of the MediaNews Group-owned St. Paul Pioneer Press:

December 17, 2013

As most of you have no doubt heard, Pioneer Press managers yesterday announced buyouts for employees in the newsroom and in Advertising. The buyout provision is simple – those who accept the buyouts will receive their severance entitlement, per Section 24 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.pio The severance formula is one week’s pay for each 26 weeks of continuous employment or major fraction thereof, up to a maximum of 38 weeks. If interested in the buyout, please contact your supervisor.

A note on unemployment benefits – employees who take a buyout can apply for unemployment benefits. The Pioneer Press has agreed not to oppose unemployment claims for those who accept buyouts, but the ultimate decision remains with the state of Minnesota about whether an employee is entitled to unemployment benefits.