Morning Report for December 18, 2013

* The duPont Award winners have been announced by Columbia University. (
* Businessweek editor: The best stories from 2013 that we didn’t write. (
* Time Inc. won’t be buying Forbes, reports Keith J. Kelly. (
* Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy: When I started in the business in the 1970s, it was OK for sports reporters to be skeptical and critical. (
santa* Roy Peter Clark fact-checks Santa. (Does he really live at the North Pole?) (
* Laura Bennett: “Bloomberg View has largely failed to spark debate among the cultural elite or usurp the clout of The New York Times’ op-ed page.” (
* Rhode Island state government puts news stories in the “news releases” area of its website. They’re removed after reporters complain. (
* Susannah Breslin reveals what she was paid for recent freelance pieces. (
* Wichita news anchor who was fired for dropping an F bomb is “pretty positive I’m going to end up landing on my feet.” (
* CNBC apologizes for playing a song (B2K’s “Fizzo Got Flow”) that uses the N word. ( | The lyrics: (
* It could soon get tougher for newspapers to double-count readers. (
* Vast majority of Facebook users don’t want to see video ads. (
* Internet Archive maps 400,000 hours of television news and reveals which areas of the U.S. receive outsized attention and which are neglected. (
* Why investors and other grownups are interested in teen-hit Snapchat: The company’s creating an entirely new form of communication. (
walt* Walt Mossberg: “This is my last column for the Wall Street Journal…” (
* Lifetime is turning Brian Stelter’s book, “Top of the Morning,” into a TV movie. (
* “Patch as a technology platform is unrivaled. As a source for local news, it’s an afterthought.” (
* Comcast is about to launch a new version of EveryBlock, which was killed by Vivian Schiller. (
* The top e-book singles of 2013, according to Thin Reads. (