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“I enjoyed your roundup of paltry Christmas bonuses, mostly because I identified with the sentiment expressed by the writers,” writes a staffer at The Chronicle in Centralia, Washington. (The journalist requests anonymity.)

Jenifer Lafromboise Falcon (left) Christine Fossett

Jenifer Lafromboise Falcon (left) Christine Fossett

“The largest bonus I’ve received during my years at newspapers was a $25 gift card to a local grocery store” — until this week.

On Wednesday, Chronicle publisher Christine Fossett walked around the newsroom and distributed red envelopes to staffers. They contained a letter from the owner, Jenifer Lafromboise Falcon, and a profit-sharing check for $1,386.01.

Falcon, who inherited the company after her mother died in January, wrote in her letter:

Personally and professionally it’s been a difficult year for me, trying to find my way without my mom’s wisdom and guidance. I want to thank each and every one of you for every blood, sweat and tear shed to make this year a year she would have been proud of!

“Every full-time employee in the company [Lafromboise Communication] — which includes one three-day a week newspaper, three weeklies, a printing enterprisecheck and a sign business (about 80 employees) — received the same amount,” says my tipster. “We’d been told earlier in the year that [Falcon] intended to deliver checks as part of a profit-sharing plan. Of course the cynics in the newsroom and elsewhere didn’t give the announcement much credence. …[But] there was an incredible amount of joy in the newsroom and, I imagine, across the company” when the checks were delivered Wednesday.

The Chronicle owner and publisher weren’t around today to talk to me.

Falcon’s letter to employees is after the jump. Read More

“I guess SFGate doesn’t know that Twitter now pre-shows images,” writes a Romenesko reader. The NSFW (one topless woman and the bride’s behind) tweet gets mixed reviews from @SFGate followers: “Unfortunately I can’t un-see this. Please make it go away”; “this is really cool”; and “that’s just plain disgusting.

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* News Corp. pays $25 million for social news agency Storyful. “Social journalism is no longer a problem for the news industry,”stor writes Storyful founder Mark Little. “It is a solution.” ( | (
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* A few New York journalists have moved to New Orleans to work for the Times-Picayune. (
* The federal government collects loads of information about us, but “treats itself to a hysterical fit when asked for the release of bland government information.” (
* “I think there can be no limits to how stupid Yahoo is,” says Michael Wolff. (
* Tim Karr would like to see “60 Minutes” appoint an ombudsman to stop it “from devolving into a spin shop for big business, the government and other special interests.” (
* Dan Kennedy: It will be interesting to see how Pierre Omidyar’s news venture does as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. (
* A Baltimore Sun staffer editor writes: “Last year we found a box on a shelf in our archive that contained recordings of a Christmas Day radio show produced by The Sun’s correspondents in England in 1943. Today we’re bringing it back to the public for the first time in 70 years.” (
hugo* What was New York Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren (left) doing at Gawker Media offices this week? (He’s finished at the magazine on Dec. 31.) ( item)
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* One perk at a Pennsylvania business paper: “Free chair massages each month.” (