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Retired WCCO-TV (Twin Cities) anchorman Don Shelby writes about a recent “Anchorman 2” screening: “Mort Crim, Bill Kurtis and I slink further down into our seats. We are watching a comedy about our own careers in a business that used to be about finding ways to make us all better informed. But something went haywire. …For the old-time news people watching, ‘Anchorman 2’ is pure tragedy because it is essentially the truth.”

- Mort Crim, Bill Kurtis and Don Shelby

– Mort Crim, Bill Kurtis and Don Shelby at an “Anchorman 2” screening

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“Some people have questioned the particular photo we used with the story, which depicts the couple kissing under crossed sabers,” writes Fayetteville Observer executive editor Michael Adams. “To those, I respond that no photo tells the story more clearly. The kiss under the sabers is a staple picture from military weddings.”

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Matthew Collis has a few tips for real estate agents who put out e-newsletters, including this (with my boldface):

“There’s nothing worse than reading an e-newsletter that sounds like a college textbook or a New York Times articlerealtor with long-winded, complex language. Keep the e-newsletter easy to read and understand, and make sure the tone of it reflects your personality; it should sound like you would sound speaking face to face with someone. Use a conversational tone and draw your reader in. Remember, you’re a Realtor, not a reporter.”

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