Some of Romenesko’s favorite posts from 2013

A few highlights (and low points) from 2013:

* Don’t even think about asking Tim Tebow a question! Reporters covering the quarterback at Whataburger Fieldtimt were given a list of rules to follow. (Posted March 21)

* He’s kept his promise, too. Donald Trump said he was going to stop being nice because of Deadspin’s F-yourself tweet. (Posted January 18)

* The ad-sales guys probably knew about this. A fist? A can of Crisco? The journalists at Detroit’s Fox affiliate claimed they didn’t get it. (Posted July 31)

* I’m guessing they were all used in “Anchorman 2.” A consultant compiled a list of words used by TV broadcasters that are supposed to add urgency to news reports. (Posted July 2)

* The NSA’s already got it covered. Bloomberg BNA announced that it was going to put surveillance cameras in the snacks area — then decided against it after the memo was posted on Romenesko. (Posted June 21)

drink* Cheers to the journalist who wrote this headline: “Drinkwine on the job.” (Posted May 2)

* They passed Listicles 101. University of Alabama paper’s semester-end review was done BuzzFeed-style. /(Posted April 25)

* “Going forward,” “charm offensive” and many others. The Washington Post Outlook editor shared his list of words and phrases that his section avoids. (Posted March 20)

* Sure, you had to go ruin it for everyone! A store owner stopped saving newspapers after one customer submitted a ridiculous request. (Posted June 30)

uck* He still didn’t get the job. A copywriter sent grocery giant Fred Meyer a “F— You” ad after failing to hear about the spec ad he submitted. (Posted August 2)

* That’s what they all say. A drawing of what appeared to be a penis “was an innocent mistake on behalf of the reporter,” explained the news boss. (Posted July 24)

* Oh, you shouldn’t have! Really. “The most insulting note I’ve ever gotten” was from a newspaper company CEO whose birthday “gift” was a $1.25 vending machine token. (Posted October 28)

badsketch* Wanted: Kenny from “South Park.” The Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph ran the year’s worst police sketch. (Posted February 21)

* Bored at a bar? The history of social media outlined on a napkin. (Posted July 29)

* Don’t tell her about Weekly World News. A news anchor discovered this year that stories in The Onion are fake. (Posted February 8)

graphi* He covers meetings — and provides the art! Newspaper graphic of the day year. (The reporter’s disclosure: “Drawing not to scale. Or good.”) (Posted July 3)

* Hard reporting. A Salt Lake Tribune journalist said his Morning Glory Rd. piece was “hands down the most uncomfortable story I have ever had to interview for.” (Here’s why: Morning glory is slang for a start-of-day erection.) (Posted January 5)

* You’ve heard about the show, right? Tuscaloosa News failed to mention “Breaking Bad” when it reported that a local man named Walter White was wanted for meth manufacturing. (Posted August 16)

* FFF for AAA. “The most trusted name in travel” put Mt. Rushmore in North Dakota. (Posted July 11)

* Lower your paywall for this guy, NYT. A Brooklyn man had the New York Times T Magazine logo tattooed on his chest. (Posted July 19)