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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Des Moines’s KCCI-TV aren’t the only ones tossing hot water in the cold air to see what happens, according to Twitter. “Someone please tell me why my whole Instagram feed is people throwing hot water in the air???” tweets one woman.

* Boiling water freezes mid-air in the cold (
* Hot water turns to vapor instantly (
* Chucking a pot of boiling water into the cold air is “science at its finest” (
* What happens when you crack an egg on the sidewalk when it’s 15 below (
* “Anyone try throwing fried eggs into the air to see if they’d shatter when they hit the sidewalk?” (
* “Hot water in the air” search on Twitter (

Uh, @NaomiSRiley: you do realize that this is Dorothy Pitman and not Angela Davis? No? OK. (@JamilSmith)


* Naomi S. Riley: The hunger of “activism” (updated with a correction) ( | Steinem and Pitman Hughes ( | Pitman Hughes, not Davis (@JamilSmith)

buildingThe Newhouse family’s Jersey Journal has moved into a new building in Secaucus, NJ, and this morning’s grand opening is being picketed by Guild members who haven’t received a raise in five years. (The old building is at the right.) “Over the same period,” says a Guild release, “the newsstand price of the paper has increased 100% and the paper’s headquarters was sold for $2.8 million.”

The union members — with an inflatable pig at the protest — will “demand executives negotiate a contract that will raise wages and positively impact their workforce. ..The Journal has refused to entertain any proposal that increases their operating costs and refuses to open their books to show financial need. The employees at the Journal are asking for a raise in order to support their families.”

Update: I’m told that the Guild has asked for a 4-year contract with 3 percent raises in each year, but the Journal’s publisher has told negotiators that he won’t consider any proposal that includes cost-increases.

I’ve invited publisher Kenneth Whitfield to comment.

* Jersey Journal to start new era in Secaucus (
* The new office is being called “The Jersey Journal 2.0” (

* “Yeah, not exactly ‘breaking news,'” and other reactions to WCVB’s tweet. (@wcvb)
* MSNBC now has an exec reading scripts before they go on the air. (
* New York Post defends its “Who Didn’t Want Him Dead?” cover. “Our reporting showed that he had many enemies,” says a spokesperson. (
* ABC News releases a video of Robin Roberts talking about her girlfriend on the air for the first time. (@Deggans)
ailes* A “shitstorm” is expected to follow the Jan. 21 release of Gabe Sherman‘s book about Fox News and Roger Ailes. ( | Michael Wolff puts Ailes on a pedestal. (
* Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list stars the people who are building the media companies of tomorrow. (
* Author Jennifer Weiner “definitely deserves her own reality show.” (
* Jeff Bezos on his vacation and kidney stone attack: “Galapagos: five stars. Kidney stones: zero stars.” (
* Editor Don Forst, who died Saturday at age 81, “lived for newspapers and he lamented the death of the print newspaper.” (AP via | Read the tributes.
* In praise of copy editors. (
* “Google has not done enough to aid the newspaper industry.” (
* Daniel Klaidman quits The Daily Beast to become Yahoo News deputy editor. (
* Fit Pregnancy magazine doesn’t pay for photos, but most photographers are “excited for the credit,” says an editor. (
* Denver Post’s pot critic makes Sunday’s “Doonesbury.” (The Post dropped the strip years ago, says a reader.) ( doones
* What worked – and what didn’t – for the New York Times social media desk in 2013. (
* Wilmington News Journal photographer Kyle Grantham snapped 2,330 photos during Saturday’s Eagles-Saints game. (
* Jeff Zucker pledges to shake up CNN’s prime time this year. (
* Advertising Age cuts its print frequency to 25 issues a year. (
* “Today” show tries to take back the No. #1 morning-show crown with a “Rise to Shine” ad campaign. (
* James Hopson is named interim publisher of Worcester Telegram & Gazette, which Red Sox owner John Henry is trying to sell. (