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* Legendary Vatican reporter John Allen quits the National Catholic Reporter for the Boston Globe, where he “will be an analyst on all things Catholic.” (
* Cleveland’s WKYC-TV has an ice desk. (@frankmacekwkyc) | (h/t @Zlatimeyer) | Even more ice: (
* David Pogue unveils Yahoo Tech 1.0 and says “we have exciting plans to grow.” ( | (
* Gun magazines report circulation and newsstand sales increases. (
* Fort Worth Star-Telegram editor says his paper’s Obamacare story left out key information. (
* Yahoo launches its News Digest app, designed to give users “comprehensive, effortless, and complete” information on their world. (
* Five layoffs at Gannett’s Detroit Free Press. (
* It took BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel nearly four hours to “nuke” his Twitter feed. (
* Check out New York Observer’s Media Power Couples slideshow. ( | A few names if you don’t want to click through: (
* Stop apologizing, Melissa Harris-Perry. (

“I’ll keep working till I drop dead at my desk – unless the paper dies first,” Dave Perlman told the New York Times in 2009.

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ANOTHER 90-SOMETHING WORKING JOURNALIST: Legendary Minneapolis Star Tribune sports journalist Sid Hartman, 93, is selling some of his clothes this weekend. He’s also unloading autographed copies of his books and peddling bobblehead dolls.

-- h/t Chris Stellar

— h/t Chris Steller

Today’s front pages of MinnPost, St. Paul Pioneer Press, and Minneapolis Star Tribune., which named newspaper reporter the worst job of 2013, is out with a new list that claims newspaper reporting is the 8th most stressful job – even more stressful than police officer and taxi driver.

PR execs – said to be sixth most-stressed – and reporters make the list “because of tight deadlines and scrutiny in the public eye.”

Most Stressful Jobs of 2014
1. Enlisted military personnel (84.72 stress score)
2. Military general (65.54)
3. Firefighter (60.45)
4. Airline pilot (60.28)
5. Event coordinator (49.93)
6. Public relations executive (48.52)
Average median salary: $54,170
Projected job growth: 21%

7. Corporate executive (47.46)
8. Newspaper reporter (46.75)
Average median salary: $35,870
Projected job growth: -6%

9. Police officer (46.66)
10. Taxi driver (46.18)

* The most stressful jobs of 2014 (
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* Today’s best weather story: The Fargo Forum profiles a frozen food and dairy manager who works in a freezer that’s “balmy comparedburn to the blustery minus 40 wind chill outside.” He points out that “there’s no wind chill” in the freezer. ( | (
* Norm Pearlstine tells Time Inc. editors: “I must see and sign off on anything you think might put our journalists and/or our reputation at risk.” (
* Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reporter scolds readers: “Your comments and suggestions are irresponsible and part of the reason that so many people today are so skeptical of what they read and see on social media.” (
* National Catholic Reporter suspends comments because of “vile and demeaning” reader posts. (
* At “This American Life,” says Ira Glass, “we’re [now] able to raise more money to fly people around the world and really invest money in doing stories and to really take on more serious journalism.” (
* Jerry Seinfeld reveals in a Reddit AMA that he and Larry David are working on a “big, huge, gigantic” mystery project. (
* Mediaite managing editor Jon Nicosia admits that his real name is Zachary Hildreth and he’s a convicted felon. ( | (
* How “60 Minutes” botched its “Cleantech Crash” story. (
* Ed Sherman responds to the claim that he’s “the dumbest fucking guy in sports media.” (
* Bill Gannon leaves Entertainment Weekly to join Pierre Omidyar’s venture. (
* “Is there plausible economic logic to individual journalistic fiefdoms?” asks Michael Wolff. (
* There’s a new management team at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. (
* Kamloops Daily News announces in a brief story that it’s closing after 80 years of publishing. ( | ( | Newspapers Canada CEO: “This is the first major market paid daily that we’ve seen close in recent memory.” (
* Rep. Henry Waxman wants to know more about Tribune’s plans for the Los Angeles Times. (
* Politico kills CLICK, its entertainment blog. (