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* Christopher Mayer is stepping down as Boston Globe publisher. (
* Washington Post has approached The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson to be the next editor of Wonkblog, reports Michael Calderone. (
* What will Janice Min do with Billboard? (

I'm not even going to ask.

I’m not even going to ask.

* The things they cover at CES! (at right) “@joannastern has found an adult version of the iPotty.” (@geoffreyfowler)
* Jack Shafer: “Rep. Henry Waxman can request all the documents he wants from Tribune, but not even he can roll back the Internet, smartphones, and BuzzFeed.” (
* An excerpt of Gabe Sherman‘s Roger Ailes bio is now online. (
* Complain all you want, but listicles are here to stay. (
* Gabriel Snyder resigns as editor-in-chief of The Atlantic’s The Wire; Andrew Golis is named general manager.(
* The fulltime food critic at Phoenix New Times is being replaced by a freelancer. (
* More than you need to know about’s redesign. ( | Designers are monitoring reaction to the new look. (
* BUST magazine, now in its 21st year, “seems to perfectly serve no one.” (
* Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby‘s missing teen son may have been sighted in Providence, RI. (
* Washington Post reader representative Doug Feaver departs. (

(Credit: John McCormick)

(Credit: John McCormick)

John Heilemann was just one of many people who tweeted this Michigan lighthouse photo and claimed it was taken during this week’s record low temperatures.

Actually, photographer John McCormick snapped it on January 23, 2013 — another very cold day. (“I remember my camera batteries dying.”)

John McCormick

John McCormick

He tells me he’s seen his lighthouse picture posted and tweeted “all over the world” this week and misrepresented as a recent shot.

“People are submitting it to meteorologists, like Tom Skilling of WGN, and claiming it’s theirs.”

McCormick says he posted the image on photo-sharing sites last year, but never sold it to a news outlet. “It was just in my own portfolio.”

“I have a large following on Facebook and people were telling me [this week] that my picture was being misrepresented. I figure someone pulled it off one of the photo-sharing sites,” and it then went viral.

“It’s had hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook.”

Update: I should note that Heilemann corrected his error.

Dallas Police Chief vs. Dallas Morning News

-- Dallas police chief's tweets

— Dallas police chief’s tweets

Last Saturday, Dallas Morning News City Hall reporter Scott Goldstein praised two of his colleagues for a police training story and noted that “as is often the case,” the city’s police chief “did not respond to request for comment.”

Chief David O. Brown tweeted in response that he works “really well” with most reporters who cover the department, and added that “I don’t care for being called an asshole and cocksucker though by the Belo folks.” (The News is owned by A.H. Belo.) He then apologized for posting the vulgarities and said that “a better choice would have been to just continue to ignore these reporters …I shouldn’t have referenced the curse words Senior Dallas Morning News reporter Tanya Eiserer called me.”

On Tuesday afternoon, I asked the chief’s office and the News about this apparent feud. The police department didn’t respond, but the News forwarded an email that editor Bob Mong sent to Brown last night:

From: Mong, Bob
Sent: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 7:54 PM
To: Brown, David
Subject: Re: Fw: 2013 Crime Summary as of 1/7/14

Dear Chief Brown,

Thanks for sending the power point with your year end crime report. It’s in the hands of our reporters.

I also wanted also to discuss the Twitter exchange you made over the weekend about our staff. I was deeply disappointed by what you said, the timing of the remarks and want to clarify the facts./CONTINUES Read More

Scott Bateman: “USA Today swiped my weather map graphic”

Statement from USA Today editor-in-chief David Callaway

Mr. Bateman’s map was an inspiration for an effort that fell short of our newsroom publishing standards. As soon as we realized our oversight, we took immediate action to correct our mistake. We apologized to Mr. Bateman and are addressing the situation both internally and externally to give the artist the credit he deserves and to set the record straight for our readers. We do not take these incidents lightly.

* Larger view of the maps
* Scott Bateman: “USA Today swiped my weather map graphic and cleaned up the language. Lines are in EXACTLY the same places.” (@Disalmanacarian)
* Boston Globe owner John Henry pledges to make the newspaper and its websites “aggressively relevant.” (
* “The Observer regrets this 22-month-old error” about New York Post editor-in-chief Col Allan. (
* Roger Ailes, in the 1980s, allegedly offered a producer an additional $100 a week if she agreed to have sex with him whenever he wanted. (
* Retired NYT columnist Clyde Haberman explains why smart people go into journalism, even though it doesn’t pay very well. (“A desire to see the world.”) (
* The entire McClatchy newspaper chain is on one phone-message system? (
* “There will be hundreds of pieces filed today about NYT’s redesign. Why?” (@elongreen) | Ex-Timesman Brian Stelter has filed his piece: (
* Dallas Morning News subscriber’s surveillance cameras catch a newspaper thief in action. (
* San Francisco Chronicle journalists will be sent to a digital and social media “boot camp.” (
* WSJ Journal editor on Mossberg/Swisher: “They wanted an independent operation. … For a business newspaper to be essentially outsourcing a very, very significant part of our technology coverage to an increasingly independent operation didn’t seem to me to be the right way to go.” (
* Washington Post’s Marty Baron tells petitioners: Jeff Bezos will never be involved in our coverage of the intelligence community. (
* Janice Min is put in charge of Billboard, in addition to Hollywood Reporter. (
* The search continues for Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby‘s 16-year-old son, missing since Monday. ( | The journalist’s latest tweet.