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* How the Record of Bergen, NJ, nailed the Chris Christie/traffic mess story. ( | Christie press conference headlines: (
* Michael Wolff says he wasn’t given a review copy of the new Roger Ailes bio because he’s considered a potential critical reviewer. (
* “And what do you do for a living?” “Oh, I’m a Billionaires Editor.” (
billion* The 16-year-old son of Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby has been found safe in Times Square. (
* Dow Jones lawyer: “We refuse to sit back when others swoop in to swipe our content.” (
* Gabriel Snyder, former editor of The Atlantic’s The Wire, joins mobile news start-up (
* TechCrunch co-editor Eric Eldon says “it’s time to try something pretty different.” (
* Chicago TV investigative reporter Dave Savini contests his driving suspension after being busted for DUI. (
* Where are the younger voices in New York Review of Books? (
* Andrew Sullivan: Thanks to BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti, journalism is now indistinguishable from PR. (
* The Atlantic’s Scott Stossel gets a nasty tweet intended for John Stossel. (@SStossel) | The former did a Reddit AMA today. (
* Noted: CES 2014 is “mostly bullshit, but there’s some good stuff out there.” ( | A blind man is able to find his way around CES. (
* With “Email via Google+,” you don’t need an address to send an email. (
* Poynter’s national advisory board, which used to stay at the 5-star Vinoy, is now lodging at a Hampton Inn. (

A Journal tipster emailed late yesterday: “WSJ lockdown — breaking …An alarm briefly went off then these ‘garage” doors’ [right photo] — that we didn’t even know existed — magically lowered around the staircases on the fourth floor of the WSJ newsroom. Word on the street is that [Dow Jones CEO] Lex Fenwick ordered the lockdown when someone was seen taking more than one free snack from the seventh-floor coffee bar.” Our source sent this Thursday afternoon update: “We never heard what really went on.” UPDATE: “I can’t believe [the tipster] thought this was an item,” says WSJ spokesperson Paula Keve. “I have no idea about the garage door, but I am 100% certain it was nothing to do with any Lex upset about the pantry!” (I’m pretty sure he was joking about that.) wsj

ProPublica senior editor and former New York Timesman Joe Sexton discusses “Snow Fall” (and other things) on a Longform podcast:

“I served as both metropolitan editor and sports editor at The Times and my rep was mostly as a provocateur of one kind or another, which they were quite patient with and let me play out for 25 years, and then I think they probably had quite enough of me.

Joe Sexton

Joe Sexton

“But anyway, our little saying with particular matters on Metro, whether it involved a picture or story, or big news event – was, Hey when in doubt, blow the shit out. So when we started thinking about trying to tell the story of the avalanche at Stevens Pass, I think we presumed we were going to blow the shit out.

“But no one – certainly no one on the word side — allowed their imagination to go quite as far as people who worked in our photography departments, and our graphics department and our multimedia department. They’re the people who had the initiative and the talent to make it the pretty extraordinary reading experience in was online. In fact, to the extent that I had any role in it, it was at one point to try to fuckin’ limit it.”

You seem kind of bored telling the story. Have you been telling the story over and over again?

“I joke around a lot about it that if I never hear the fuckin’ words Snow Fall again I’ll be a happy man. No, it was an extraordinary experience. …Some of the weariness is only that, like many things that succeed, it becomes this straw man in a bunch of phony debates.”

* Longform Podcast #74: Joe Sexton (
* Earlier: More than 3.5 million page views for “Snow Fall” (

Advance Digital editor-at-large David Newhouse put out a memo today with tips on covering extreme winter weather. “How often should you update a forecast?” he writes. “Whatever number probably just crossed your mind, double it. The most successful sites update a storm’s approach obsessively. …Thanks to aggressive storm coverage, MLive broke its all-time record for headline page views.”

Here’s the memo:


Polar vortex coverage was hot, hot, hot

Harsh winter weather has hit every Advance market in the Midwest and East this season. And how important is our storm coverage to audiences?
Consider this: Earlier this week, thanks to aggressive storm coverage, MLive broke its all-time record for headline page views. Then broke it again. And again. And weather reporter Mark Torregrossa has been MLive’s best-read writer with 480,000 page views already this month.

Since there is plenty more winter ahead, here are some of the most successful strategies for weather coverage — with thanks to Content Director John Lammers and the other markets cited below. And for all you warmer folks in Alabama, Louisiana and (most of the time) Oregon, many of these work for other types of weather as well./CONTINUES Read More

* In an online survey, only 27 percent of respondents could correctly identify NBC News anchor Brian Williams. (
* Matt Lauer and New York Times putting the past behind them? (
* Today’s cute journalism job ad: “If you’re a reporter who asks ‘Why?’ more often than a 5-year-old, get in touch with me right away.” ( | h/t *sentinelpeg

You can do better, New York Post!

You can do better, New York Post!

* New York Post’s Chris Christie cover a disappointment. ( | How other papers played the scandal on their fronts: (
* FT columnist: “In the 40-plus years I have been familiar with American political journalism, it has never been as poor as it is today.” (
* With Rupert Murdoch, “if you deliver money, you do fine,” says Roger Ailes. (
* 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell confronts a Biloxi Sun Herald reporter after she tries to take his picture. ( | Harrell guilty in DUI case. (
* “Fuddy-duddy” Fort Collins Coloradoan reporter expenses his $27 marijuana purchase for a story. (The pot was then given to the sheriff.) (
* Boston Globe’s Matt Viser finds Monica Lewinsky‘s resume while going through old DC bureau files. (@mviser)
* A Nashville journalist writes about home teardowns, then a week later is told that his place is being demolished. (
* The last pink New York Observer will be published in March. (
* Dan La Batard gives his Baseball Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin. (
* “Ask a Mexican” columnist Gustavo Arellano has a deal with Fox (not the news division). ( | (