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Chris Christie’s press secretary on 11/27/13: F the Star-Ledger!
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Tim Donnelly emails: “I wrote something about one of my least favorite reporter tropes, that of the ‘here’s what my interview subject ordered and ate while we talked at this restaurant.’ Basically I went through as many celebrity interviews as I could find from 2013 and found everything they were documented eating, and compiled them.”
* Jimmy Fallon had peppers with anchovies while chatting with GQ.
* Armie Hammer enjoyed steak during his Elle interview.
* Julia Louis Dreyfus had a kale salad during her visit with
* Bill Hader had coffee (filled to the brim) while answering questions for GQ.
* More of Donnelly’s celebs-eating-during-interviews post at

* Former New York Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren has been named Hollywood Reporter interim editor. (
* David Cay Johnston: “Good reporting skills are good dating skills. You want the other person to be intimate with you.” (
* Sarah Palin “bebops” with TV critics. (
* A New York securities firm is investigating Lee Enterprises’s board for potential breaches of fiduciary duties. (
* “The Huffington Post stole the entire piece word for word.” (
* Bakersfield Californian opinion editor Robert Price replaces John Arthur as executive editor. (
* Pastor and author Mark Driscoll recycles, but Christian publishers apparently don’t care. (
* The “Don’t Tase me, bro!” guy is now a staff writer for Photography is Not a Crime. ( | h/t Bill Cooke
* Washington Post staffers do not need the company’s OK to sign autographs. (

Farewell, news business!

-- From Mark Schaver's blog

— From Mark Schaver’s blog

Mark Schaver, who joined the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting last July after leaving the Louisville Courier-Journal, is starting a new career as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. State Department.

Schaver (pictured below) explains why he’s quitting the news business:

You feel disturbingly vulnerable when you’re in your early 50s and the profession you have thought about obsessively for years collapses around you,mark and colleagues with decades of experience are shoved out the door or forced to take drastic pay cuts to keep their jobs, with little hope of finding equivalent work elsewhere.

As much as I liked the center, I took a pay cut of more than $10,000 a year to work there, and I had no idea if its non-profit model would succeed, and if it failed before I reached retirement age, what would I do then?

He writes on Twitter: “I spent my last week as a journalist binge watching the final season of Breaking Bad. Not sure what that means.” (“That explains your new hat,” says one of Schaver’s followers.)

* Why I’m quitting journalism (

-- From the Novato (CA) Advance

— From the Novato (CA) Advance

* It’s corrected online: Hornet boys, Mustang girls win (

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Newspaper analyst Ken Doctor’s take on the Journal and Times war:

The Times organization is moving in a more unified direction than it had in previous years. Further, it is basking, even if just for a digital moment, in the glow of being the global pioneer in paid digital reader revenue models. …

The Journal is another story. At best reading, it’s been a year of reorganization, shuffling just about everything that could be shuffled, above and within the Journal’s reach.

Doctor concludes that “in the Journal/Times faceoff, the competition is far from over — but the battle lines have changed.”

* The newsonomics of momentum in the WSJ/NYT battle (

* Many American’s don’t recognize NBC anchor Brian Williams (

* Many can’t ID Brian Williams, including Poynter apparently (@mistymathews)

* A big Time Inc. shakeup: People editor Larry Hackett is out, replaced by Entertainment Weekly editor Jess Cagle. (
* Dan Le Batard giving his Baseball Hall of Fame ballot to Deadspin “is publicity gold, effing gold, for somebody with a daily radio show who fancies himself a cutting edge establishment-tweaker,” says a Miami Herald pal. ( | Jay Mariotti rips Le Batard. (
* Deadspin’s Tommy Craggs: “There are plenty of sportswriters out there who felt the Baseball Writers’ Association of America was sorely in need of a good ratfucking.” ( in column)
closer* French president François Hollande blasts Closer magazine for investigating his relationship with an actress. (
* How those often-raunchy “recommended for you” stories are selected. (
* Greta Van Susteren to Huffington Post: You’re wrong; I have been paying attention to the Chris Christie scandal! (
* Washington Post tops the list of “Most Popular Newspaper Websites on Twitter.” (
* Veteran Los Angeles Times sports journalist (and my J-13 classmate from our Marquette days) Diane Pucin tweets her layoff: “Got caught in newspaper dropping people today.” (
* Hagerstown (MD) Herald-Mail hangs up on its controversial Mail Call feature after two decades. (
* Reporter’s question for “Girls” creator and star Lena Dunham was “very offensive,” says Judd Apatow. ( | The Wrap’s Tim Molloy asked the question. (
* Amazon is testing “Kindle Kiosk” vending machines. (
* It appears the Nook isn’t going save Barnes & Noble. (Holiday sales were down 66.7 percent.) (
pill* “There’s a general sense that the drugs of choice for writers now are more often little blue pills than big brown bottles.” (
* Howard Kurtz points out that there are 22 stories about Chris Christie on Politico. (@HowardKurtz)


I’ve asked the paper for comment.

* Cochrane Times compares Japanese wrestling win to Pearl Harbor (
* Read the reactions from my Facebook friends and subscribers (