Afternoon Report for January 10, 2014

Chris Christie’s press secretary on 11/27/13: F the Star-Ledger!
— via @StevePoliti

Tim Donnelly emails: “I wrote something about one of my least favorite reporter tropes, that of the ‘here’s what my interview subject ordered and ate while we talked at this restaurant.’ Basically I went through as many celebrity interviews as I could find from 2013 and found everything they were documented eating, and compiled them.”
* Jimmy Fallon had peppers with anchovies while chatting with GQ.
* Armie Hammer enjoyed steak during his Elle interview.
* Julia Louis Dreyfus had a kale salad during her visit with
* Bill Hader had coffee (filled to the brim) while answering questions for GQ.
* More of Donnelly’s celebs-eating-during-interviews post at

* Former New York Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren has been named Hollywood Reporter interim editor. (
* David Cay Johnston: “Good reporting skills are good dating skills. You want the other person to be intimate with you.” (
* Sarah Palin “bebops” with TV critics. (
* A New York securities firm is investigating Lee Enterprises’s board for potential breaches of fiduciary duties. (
* “The Huffington Post stole the entire piece word for word.” (
* Bakersfield Californian opinion editor Robert Price replaces John Arthur as executive editor. (
* Pastor and author Mark Driscoll recycles, but Christian publishers apparently don’t care. (
* The “Don’t Tase me, bro!” guy is now a staff writer for Photography is Not a Crime. ( | h/t Bill Cooke
* Washington Post staffers do not need the company’s OK to sign autographs. (