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* Why would Jeff Bezos – after spending $250 million on the Washington Post – invest another $10 million in a reporter’s personal fiefdom? (
* The story behind New York Times Magazine’s “crazy” Hillary cover. ( | “Having people talk about your magazine cover is a good thing,” says a Times Magazine editor. (
beebs* Andrea Mitchell takes a break from serious news to give MSNBC viewers a Justin Bieber update. (
* The five kinds of people you meet in j-school: the Idealist; the Greek; the Sports Nut; the Double Major(er); and the “I Heard This Class Was Easy” Guy. (
* University of Akron student paper takes some time off while it figures out how to stay relevant in the digital age. (
* Former Houston First Lady Andrea White has a temp job with the Houston Chronicle opinions section. (
* NBC’s Jay Leno goes on CBS’s “60 Minutes” to discuss his “Tonight Show” departure. (
* Meredith Vieira: “I don’t want to be the third show in the day to get Tom Hanks talking about ‘Saving Mr. Banks.'” (
* Greenspun Media is launching The Sunday, a Las Vegas free weekly. (
* “Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the plantings on the building’s green roof. They were native flora, not native fauna.” (


The “coonversation” tweet was posted at 12:35 p.m. today; the typo-alert tweet went up at 1:39 p.m.

* “‘Coonversation’ a typo?” asks @AlienOccupation (Yes!) (

On Tuesday, I put up a post about St. Augustine Record publisher Delinda D. Fogel asking readers to meet in the newsroom from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. to proofread pages.

“We’ll keep a tally of the proofreading volunteers,” Fogel told readers, “and award a nice dinner for two to the person who helps us catch the most typos and errors.”record
The Morris Communications-owned Record, according to an ex-employee, has an “extremely overworked” four-person copy desk, and this “contest” seemed to me – and many readers – to be way to avoid hiring professionals.

Fogel, who was asked for comment on Tuesday, sent an email this morning explaining her proofreading plan, which she describes as “a temporary exercise aimed at process improvement, with help from the most important people – our readers.”

Fogel says a dozen readers – including retired English teachers – have volunteered so far.

“We’ll pay them for the inconvenience of sitting in on our production times for a couple of weeks, and we’ll buy them dinner to discuss their experiences with me and the staff, once the exercise is complete.”

The publisher’s email is after the jump. Read More

Screenshot of the top portion of a news release distributed Thursday:

I’m guessing there are plenty of out-of-work journalists in Oregon who would be happy to help the Department of Forestry find the news in its press releases and put it in headlines.

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* The teens who run @HistoryinPics are pressed about not getting permission to use photos. “It would not be practical,” one says. “The majority of the photographers are deceased. Or hard to find who took the images.” (
biz* Bloomberg Media boss considers cutting Bloomberg Businessweek’s publication schedule. (
* Judge awards U-T San Diego ex-carriers $10 million; they sued after being classified independent contractors instead of employees. (
* Matt Yglesias leaves Slate to join Ezra Klein‘s new venture. (
* Newsweek editors did a Reddit AMA yesterday; some highlights: (
* From Romenesko’s email bag: A 60-year-old man from Oklahoma asks if “trying to jew you down” is offensive. (I told him it was.) (
* Bay State Banner blasts Boston Globe for reporting on the weekly’s financial troubles. (
* Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner “seems fairly serene for a man in the midst of so much change,” writes Ken Doctor. (
* What Murray Chass and other baseball writers say about expanded replays: (
* Journal News Tax Watchdog columnist: The school board vice president “called the Yonkers Police Department to remove me from the public meeting. I walked out when the armed officer came to escort me out.” (
* How to make Patch successful. (Start by “unleashing its journalists,” says Tom Grubisch.) (
lisa* NBC News veteran Lisa Myers (left) has resigned to “pursue new horizons.” (
* NYT ombud: March for Life deserved more than a photo in the Times. (
* NPR eats some crow over a mispronunciation. (