[UPDATED] Seattle Times adds 100,000 papers to today’s press run

“We’re getting reports of sell-outs at single-copy locations already,” Seattle Times senior vice president/business operations Michael Shepard tells me at 10:30 PST this morning.

The Times normally has 200,000 papers roll off the presses on Mondays; today it had 300,000 copies.

“We had a nice, thick paper today as well,” Shepard adds. Thirty of the 60 pages today are devoted to the Super Bowl and other sports stories.

Reporters and other Times employees are giving the circulation department a hand today, says Shepard. “We decided late last night to get volunteers from our staff and have them sell the paper on the streets.”

He says the Times employee who takes phone calls from the public got to work this morning and “there were 120 phone messages from people wanting today’s paper through the mail.”

At the Denver Post, “we cut our added draw in single copy down to 20,000 above a normal Monday after the Broncos lost,” circulation senior vice president Bill Reynolds tells Romenesko readers.

The Post’s plan if the team had won? “We had an add in for 50,000 [more copies] and would have printed more if needed.”