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* Hilarious typo — or maybe it’s not a typo since this is Florida (@realityblurred) | They fixed it (
* Earlier silliness: Does that headline say “Shit Yourself”? (

Update: In fact there are shit-and-run drivers
“Art imitating life,” writes James Mitchell, who sends this story about a woman citing diarrhea in a hit-and-run crash.

Kyle Clauss writes: “My roommate [Alex Reimer] and I are students at Boston University’s College of Communication. We’ve listened to our fair share of self-righteous, out-of-touch journalist guest speakers, so we created this bingo board. Thought you and your readers might appreciate it.”

Best and worst speakers? I asked. “Bob Ryan of the Globe was fantastic. I had one of Mark Kramer’s classes last year, and it was easily the best I’ve ever had at BU. As for the worst, there are far too many to name.”

* Best of times or worst of times for journalism? (
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Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien is putting $10 million into the Chicago Sun-Times owner’s Aggrego news service, which uses young, nonunion reporters to cover Chicago suburbs.

Denis O'Brien

Denis O’Brien

O’Brien, who founded cellular service firm Digicel Group in 2001, also has investments in radio, aircraft leasing, golf and other industries worldwide, reports Crain’s media reporter Lynne Marek. He’s said to be worth $5.2 billion.

Marek writes:

While Aggrego currently has about 25 employees drumming up content mainly for [Chicago Sun-Times parent] Wrapports’ 40-some daily and weekly newspapers, it’s angling to provide its services to other companies as well.

Michael Miner, media critic for the Wrapports-owned Chicago Reader, has reported tension between Wrapports’ more experienced union reporters at the Pioneer Press community newspaper chain and the young Aggrego journalists.

From Miner:

What separates the Aggrego kids from the Pioneer Press veterans is simply that they’re younger, nonunion, and — in the eyes of the veterans — stealthily threatening their jobs. And, furthermore, they’re doing their work on behalf of a company that would rather be known as a digital start-up than a chain of newspapers.

* Sun-Times owner gets an infusion of cash from Ireland ( | (
* Is Aggrego a savior – or a threat to Pioneer Press papers? (

December 27, 2013


* Andy Carvin joins Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media ( | (

Update: The cleavage poll has been taken down. This now leads the page:

Editor’s note: This page previously included a related poll concerning cleavage. Due to reader feedback and questions about the poll, we’ve removed it entirely and replaced it with the original column on the subject published Jan. 26, 2014.


The Romenesko reader who passed along the Freep’s cleavage survey writes: “I know things are rough in the news biz, but has it really come down to this? Boob polls?”


The results are in! 81.85% of Free Press readers who participated in this survey say “Girls” star Lena Dunham has a bad cleavage, while 84.73% say Kristen Bell’s is good.

Here’s what a few Free Press readers say about this survey:


* Vote: Good cleavage or bad cleavage (

A screenshot of the now-deleted cleavage poll is after the jump. Read More

-- from The Atlanta Voice front page

— from The Atlanta Voice front page

* Atlanta’s African-American newspaper apologizes for its page one errors, including its “Why It Happen?” headline. (@theatlantavoice) | The front page: (
* A sheriff’s deputy who threatened to arrest Seattle Stranger’s news editor has been fired. Dominic Holden was doing his job on public property when he was approached by the deputy. ( | (@dominicholden)
* A judge won’t let the Chicago Tribune have a photographer in the courtroom during a well-known local TV reporter’s DUI hearing. (
* Michigan Daily isn’t invited to the football coach’s press conference after reporting a “bombshell” about the team’s kicker. (
addict* “Arguably, we were told too soon” on Twitter about Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s death. (
* Ex-Washington Post owner Don Graham launches a $25 million scholarship fund for undocumented students. (
* Gannett’s 4Q income falls 12 percent on weak print ad sales. (
* Al Jazeera says a video of its staffers’ arrest in Egypt is “an attempt to demonize the journalists” and “the latest incident of incitement against the network.” (
* Time Inc. starts laying off employees. (
* Jerry Seinfeld: “Network TV just seems smaller to me than the internet. Why would I put a show on a big, heavy rectangle in your house when I can put it in your pocket?” ( | “George Costanza” is Seinfeld’s guest this week. (
* Bill Lucey takes a look at newspaper culture in Russia. (“Print news publications, much like the U.S. and U.K., are becoming less relevant.”) (
* Montana newspaper veteran: “I have no hopes of being the Thomas Edison of digital news, but I do plan to have fun reinventing my own career.” (
* Alex Karpovsky (Ray on “Girls”): “I’m one of two people in the country who doesn’t know how it all ends” on “Breaking Bad.” (