[UPDATED] Vote: Good poll or bad poll?

Update: The cleavage poll has been taken down. This now leads the page:

Editor’s note: This page previously included a related poll concerning cleavage. Due to reader feedback and questions about the poll, we’ve removed it entirely and replaced it with the original column on the subject published Jan. 26, 2014.


The Romenesko reader who passed along the Freep’s cleavage survey writes: “I know things are rough in the news biz, but has it really come down to this? Boob polls?”


The results are in! 81.85% of Free Press readers who participated in this survey say “Girls” star Lena Dunham has a bad cleavage, while 84.73% say Kristen Bell’s is good.

Here’s what a few Free Press readers say about this survey:


* Vote: Good cleavage or bad cleavage (freep.com)

A screenshot of the now-deleted cleavage poll is after the jump.