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Hearst’s Albany Times Union recently launched an ad sales campaign with a revenue goal of $750,000. The team headed by Anthony Troia was named “Troia’s Terrorists,” which didn’t go over well with the Albany Newspaper Guild.

Guild president and Times Union reporter Tim O’Brien tells Romenesko readers: “We don’t think putting posters on the wall saying how far salespeople are from the goals set for them is an effective motivator. Last year virtually no one hit the goal. But branding them ‘terrorists’ is beyond the pale.

“I sent multiple company officials an email this morning shortly after getting a text message with an image of the sign. No one has replied yet, but shortly after our posting went up and our email went out, I am told, the offending word was cut off the posters.”

I have invited Troia and advertising vice president Kathleen Hallion to comment. Update: O’Brien says he’s learned that Troia — a Guild member — did not come up with the name; one of his managers did.

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