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mizzou* Michael Sam‘s PR team first considered giving the NFL prospect’s coming-out story to USA Today or Time. (The New York Times ended up getting it.) (
* Marine Corp leaders don’t want the independent Marine Corps Times easily found at base exchange stores. (
* We blew it with our Chris Christie endorsement last year, says the Star Ledger’s editorial page editor. “Christie has boycotted the editorial board for years, an attempt to bully us into more loving coverage. So we’ve had a front-row view of what a creep he can be.” (
* Expect more revelations from Glenn Greenwald in the next few days. (
* Deanna Fei: The “distressed baby” that AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong was talking about is mine. (
* ProPublica’s Paul Steiger: If I were a young journalist, I’d want to join a team like BuzzFeed’s. (
* Albion (Mich.) College suspends its student newspaper over “issues with content verification.” ( | Here’s the story that prompted the suspension.
* Buy a lot of Twitter followers and get yourself on the cover of an alt-weekly. (
* A divided Ohio Supreme Court could hold the Akron Beacon Journal and one of its reporters in contempt for refusing to testify in a lawyer’s disciplinary case. (
* Pierre Omidyar & Co. are coming out with their first digital magazine next week. (
* Lee Enterprises, owner of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and dozens of other papers, reports an 18% net income decline. (
* A WFSB-TV (Hartford, CT) temp employee’s use of a drone at a fatal crash is being investigated by the FAA. (
* Gannett Blog is shutting down. Its founder, Jim Hopkins, writes: “Tomorrow, I turn 57 years oldthirty — a turning point to pursue new adventures while saying goodbye to old ones.” (
* Bob Kaiser retires after 50 years at the Washington Post. “Do the reporting! Save the ship!” he tells young journalists. (@CarlosLozadaWP)
* Time Inc. gives chief content officer Norm Pearlstine a $1.4 million signing bonus as it lays off hundreds. (
* National Review Online’s political team has been “completely decimated.” (
* An ex-State Department contractor who leaked to Fox News gets 13 months. (
* Royal Calkins is out as Monterey County Herald editor. (

Boston University students Kyle Clauss and Alex Reimer discussed their “Journalist Guest Speaker Cliche Bingo” chart on their campus radio show Sunday morning. Here’s how they started the program:

ALEX REIMER: “Kyle, I believe we’ve finally done it.”

KYLE CLAUSS: “We’ve finally done it.”
REIMER: “We have finally accomplished what we’ve been seeking to accomplish since we were accepted into this school three-plus years ago. We have finally alienated everybody.”

CLAUSS: “It’s over.”

REIMER: We’ve finally done.

CLAUSS: “We did it.”

REIMER: “Nobody likes us anymore. …Why don’t they like us, Kyle? Why do they especially dislike us here in the Boston University College of Communication?”

CLAUSS:Bingo! Bingo board!”

Listen to an excerpt of the j-students’ discussion of their bingo board.

* Earlier: Students are tired of hearing that there’s never been a better time to be a journalist (