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Updated with an explanation: WXYZ news director Dave Manney says a producer took the Medal Count graphic from the night before, put it up with the updated information but failed to change the flags line-up. Manney was told by his staff that the wrong flags were displayed for only a few seconds before the mistake was caught and the graphic fixed.

* Has our flag changed or did we just merge with Canada? (

Ariel Levy, who quit New York magazine to join The New Yorker in 2008, recently discussed that move in a Longform podcast:

When I got that job it was like magic. I’ve had a few times in my life [when] things have been like that, where something that just seems impossible starts to happen, and you feel it happening. You think, Oh my God! This is going happen!

Ariel Levy

Ariel Levy

I met David Remnick, the editor-in-chief of The New Yorker, and some things sort of happened, and then we had lunch, and that happened. And I just thought, I think I might get this job!

And then, it was so lovely — it was one of the loveliest, most magical moments of my career — when I got that job, I was in Los Angeles staying at my friend DJ’s house, and David sent me flowers, and the card said, “Welcome to the Secret Treehouse,” which was what it felt like. I mean, it just felt like magic – and I was so excited and so scared.

* Longform Podcast #78: Ariel Levy ( | Levy’s website (

- Saturday's Minneapolis Star Tribune

– Saturday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Well done!” tweets @rpschill. || @ericlitke: Headline of the year from MN Star-Trib. (Finder’s credit to @joshwielgus)

* See the PDF of Saturday’s Star Tribune front page (


From last night’s “Girls” on HBO

JOE, an advertorial writer at GQ: I bet you’re probably wondering right now, Where do I go to pee?

HANNAH (Lena Dunham): I’m really wondering that.

JOE: Yeah, no one tells anyone anything around here; they just assume you have corporate sonar.

HANNAH: Yeah, but I wouldn’t call this like a corporate job. I mean, this is GQ magazine; it’s a literary institution.

JOE: Shhhh. Careful! You don’t want the real GQ writers hearing you say you work at GQ.


JOE: They’re really fucking snobby about the difference between editorial and advertorial. I don’t know if you heard about that, which is such fucking bullshit because we all work at the same magazine, you know. We’re all here just selling our souls.

HANNAH: Totally; won’t say it again.

* Hannah can’t believe they have free snacks at GQ (audio) (
* Hannah gets a job at GQ and quickly has doubts about it (


A Greensboro (NC) blogger who is being sued for libel by a local developer writes:
“I look forward to going to court against Rocco Scarfone. After all, I have no assets, nothing to lose, nothing of value. What are they going to take from me — 7 chickens?”

* I’m being sued by Rocco Scarfone (
* I’m being sued by Rocco Scarfone, part 2 (

* The Intercept launches — the first of many digital magazines to be published by Pierre Omidyar‘s First Look Media. (
* Lloyd Grove: “Wags in the journalism game are already calling it ‘The Snowden Weekly.'” (
* Bill Keller is leaving the New York Times to become top editor at The Marshall Project, a nonprofit that will examine the criminal justice system. (
oldnews* “This Day in History” for news-of-the-weird aficionados. (
* Michael Sam‘s PR team first considered giving the NFL prospect’s coming-out story to USA Today or Time. (The New York Times ended up getting it.) (
* Sam’s right to privacy “was honored by multiple media outlets, including The [Kansas City] Star.” (
* David Carr says family newspaper ownership “allows continuity of purpose and personnel,” while “many of the chains churn through journalists quickly or alter their job.” (
* Some book publishers see Amazon as “a heavy in khakis and oxford shirts.” (
* Yale would prefer that the New York Times give students free digital subscriptions and drop the complimentary print edition. (
* Marine bosses want the independent Marine Corps Times to be hard to find at base exchange stores. (
* Hey, Raytheon, you may be looking to hire journalists, but this is a PR job. (@Raytheon)
* HLN’s headlines “are going to be ripped from social media,” says the cable channel’s new leader. (


* Newspaper offices according to Little Golden Books (@leshinton)
* From “Willie Found a Wallet,” published in 1984 (

George Stahl, a Dow Jones Newswires editor, tells copy desk staffers that working at home because of bad weather “should NOT be the first option or or the preference.” He notes that “last week, too many people used weather as a reason not to come into work.”

His memo:

From: Stahl, George
Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2014 1:44 PM
To: Americas Copy Desk
Cc: Rogow, Geoffrey; deStreel, Margaret; Meyer, Tedra
Subject: Weather and work — IMPORTANT

With snow in the forecast again, this serves as a good time to remind all that while working from homesnow is a possibility on difficult weather days, it should NOT be the first option or the preference.

In addition, if you do feel the need to work from home, you must clear that decision with your respective pod chief and well before the start of your shift. Simply alerting your co-workers of your status right before your shift starts is not satisfactory or sufficient./CONTINUES Read More