GQ has lots of free snacks, according to ‘Girls’


From last night’s “Girls” on HBO

JOE, an advertorial writer at GQ: I bet you’re probably wondering right now, Where do I go to pee?

HANNAH (Lena Dunham): I’m really wondering that.

JOE: Yeah, no one tells anyone anything around here; they just assume you have corporate sonar.

HANNAH: Yeah, but I wouldn’t call this like a corporate job. I mean, this is GQ magazine; it’s a literary institution.

JOE: Shhhh. Careful! You don’t want the real GQ writers hearing you say you work at GQ.


JOE: They’re really fucking snobby about the difference between editorial and advertorial. I don’t know if you heard about that, which is such fucking bullshit because we all work at the same magazine, you know. We’re all here just selling our souls.

HANNAH: Totally; won’t say it again.

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