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“Once every few years, our copy editors allow me to use this byline,” tweets Chicago Tribune’s Kevin Pang
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The Louisville Courier-Journal reported Friday that its poll shows that Mitch McConnell is trailing Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes in the U.S. Senate race.

Bill Lamb

Bill Lamb

On Monday, WDRB-TV general manager and longtime Courier-Journal critic Bill Lamb went on the air and implied that the newspaper’s poll was rigged. His only evidence was that “the paper is proudly ultra-liberal” and “they are unabashedly a Democrat mouthpiece.”

I called Lamb this morning and told him that accusing a newspaper of rigging its election poll is a serious charge, and asked if he had more proof.

“I’m not claiming that’s its rigged,” he said. “I’m saying that when a newspaper is as blatantly biased as the Courier-Journal is, you have to question the poll’s credibility.”

According to the WDRB-TV transcript, here is what Lamb told viewers: “It stretches credibility to think that a newspaper with time tested bias is not going to rig its polls.

Lamb acknowledged making that statement, and told me: “It does imply that [the survey was rigged] but that’s not exactly what I’m saying. I wish I hadn’t used that word. …[But] the findings go right in line with every editorial they’ve done.”

Lamb added: “You could put anybody up against McConnell and the Courier-Journal would endorse them.”

I told Lamb that he’s been described to me as a McConnell cheerleader, so he has his own bias.

“I’ve been a McConnell backer because he’s the most powerful Republican in the United States, and he’s Kentucky guy. Kentucky will lose an awful lot of influence if he’s no longer there.”

I asked Courier-Journal executive editor Neil Budde if he wanted to comment on Lamb’s “rigged” claim. He responded:

As is often the case with such outrageous accusations, the best course is often to let them fade into obscurity. So I encouraged our staff to take a low-key approach on social media. I was pleased to see James Miller’s well-written column, which captured the essence of what we’d say as well.

The poll was supported by four of the largest, most credible news organizations in the state. It was conducted by SurveyUSA, which has a great track record in the industry, including accurately projecting margins in favor of McConnell in his last election.

Update: A reader points out that McConnell praised Lamb’s “Money Follows Excellence” in 2012. The Senator said Lamb’s book is “a marvelous study of timeless principles for people at any stage in their careers.”

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