is hacked

A late Friday afternoon memo from Forbes:

Date: February 14, 2014 at 4:43:13 PM EST
Subject: Important update from Forbes

Dear Forbes business contributors, was targeted in a digital attack and our publishing platform was compromised.
Here are the actions we’ve taken and what you need to know:

* We have locked the platform so no outside users can access it.
* Users’ email addresses may have been exposed.
* Please be wary of emails that purport to come from Forbes. Breaches that expose email addresses sometimes lead to phishing attacks, as they now know the address is affiliated with the site.
* Your email passwords were encrypted, but as a precaution, we strongly suggest that you change your passwords on your email account, and encourage you to change them on other websites if you use the same password elsewhere, including social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
* We’ve notified law enforcement as we work to protect your online privacy.
* We are taking this matter very seriously.

If you have questions please send to:

Thanks so much and have a great weekend –