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A Romenesko reader recently noticed that U.S. News wiped out a good chunk of its archives. He writes: “The way that I stumbled upon this is that I am constantly going back into archives of various publications while doing research.usnews U.S. News back in the day had some of the best political reporting around, and it seems a sin that that just disappears unless you have Nexis (which costs a lot, is not comprehensive, and more difficult to search through).”

I asked U.S. News editor Brian Kelly about this. He writes: “Last week we launched a new content management system and decided that we could not effectively keep archived web content published prior to 2007 on our site. Those stories, which mostly originated in the print magazine, are available on the LexisNexis and EBSCO archive services, as well as in bound volumes.”

* “This is nuts,” writes Kevin O’Keefe (


Oops! UK’s Eastbourne Herald grabbed a Facebook photo of Orange County Register reporter John Wilkinson while preparing its obit for “avid Herald letter writer” and Eastbourne resident John Wilkinson.

“My high school buddies and I have a running Facebook chat and this afternoon, one of them sent me this screen capture of my photo next to a story about another writer with the same name passing away,” says the surviving Wilkinson.

The Register reporter was 7 when the picture was taken at the 1997 Rose Bowl. “Maybe the retro nature of it contributed to their mistake,” he writes in an email. “No big deal, but a good laugh for the friends fake-eulogizing me on Facebook and as a joke to email my family and co-workers.”

* Tribute paid to avid letter writer John (with new photo) (

Vice is advertising for a copy editor to work on “it’s [sic] upcoming Vice News website.” copy

Big mistake, says former editor Abraham Hyatt, who recalls hiring two “very talented” copy editors at ReadWrite.

“Every story went through them before being published. They were fantastic,” writes Hyatt. “They also slowed the publishing process to a screeching near-halt. And, even more importantly: No. One. Cared.”

Abraham Hyatt

Abraham Hyatt

I strongly believe that online audiences don’t notice the majority of the work a copyeditor does. Readers see misspellings and blatant errors in grammar. But tense agreement? Using a plural pronoun for a singular antecedent? Failing to hyphenate a compound modifier preceding a noun?

Six months from now, Vice, let us know if anyone, anyone at all has noticed.

* Whatever you do, Vice, don’t hire that copy editor (
* Vice seeks copy editors for “it’s upcoming Vice news site” (

Update: The paper now says publisher Hews “did not properly attribute information contained in the article.” Texas sportscaster Dale Hansen‘s name was inadvertently left off the editorial, and we regret this error.” Hews tweets that it was “an honest mistake.”

Bad move: The publisher of the Los Cerritos Community News plagiarizes the Michael Sam commentary that went viral last week.


Publisher Brian Hews lifts passages from WFAA-TV sports anchor’s widely reported “Celebrating Our Differences” commentary. I left a message for Hews this morning after my call went to voicemail.

WFAA-TV’s Dale Hansen on February 10:

You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You’re the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft.

You kill people while driving drunk? That guy’s welcome.

Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they’re welcome.

Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away?

You lie to police trying to cover up a murder?

We’re comfortable with that.

You love another man? Well, now you’ve gone too far!

Brian Hews on February 14:

This is the NFL’s world:

You beat a woman, drag her down a flight of stairs almost pulling her hair out by the roots, and you’re drafted fourth in the NFL.

You kill people while driving drunk, and the guy is welcome in the NFL.

You get caught in a hotel room with illegal drugs and prostitutes and the NFL says that’s okay.

You pay a woman after you rape her to cover up the crime and the NFL is comfortable with that.

You love another man … now you have got [sic] too far.

There are even more passages lifted by Hews.

* Boston Globe owner John Henry: “I wanted to be a part of finding the solution for the Globe and newspapers in general.” (
* Courier-Post metro editor: “We’re glad to say we didn’t back [Chris Christie] for re-election.chris No endorse remorse here.” (
* Jo-Ann Stores sues Tampa Tribune, claiming its circulation numbers are inflated. (
* Salt Lake Tribune’s Nate Carlisle has a spreadsheet of Sochi Olympics athletes who’ve been associated with the death of someone. (
* Ben Yagoda: “I am a journalism professor and I have said some version of virtually every Bingo box’s contents.” (
* An A.H. Belo exec says the Providence Journal could be sold by May. (
* David Cay Johnston scolds Brent Bozell: “Accepting accolades and a byline for work you did not do is dishonest.” (
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* Tim Goodman: “I doubt Fallon could have done a better job” on his first night as “Tonight Show” host. ( | No real surprises, though.
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