Morning Report for February 19, 2014

* Why Vice should hire a copy editor. ( | Earlier: Vice is advised to go without a copy editor. (
sorry* WFAA-TV’s Dale Hansen receives an apology from the California publisher who lifted his Michael Sam commentary. (
* Washington Post will stop reprinting health and science press releases. (
* “Twitter has been a fantastic source of information for me,” says Barton Gellman. “People get in touch with me.” (
* A Bay Area News Group photographer is robbed at gunpoint in Oakland. (
* Ball State journalism internship coordinator: “The hot year was 2003, when we had 60% of our students paid [for intern work]. It’s dropped as low as 25%, and it was 26% in 2013.” (
* A PR firm tells journalists that their coverage of the Brit Awards for pop music has to mention MasterCard. (
* Sportswriter Matthew Futterman apologizes to the Dutch for an Olympics column. (
* A little love for the semicolon. (
* Rupert Murdoch‘s telling friends he expects to be around for another 15 years. (
* New Yorker’s Ved Mehta: “The more you write, the more you know the pitfalls as well as the high points.” (
* Netflix’s consumer satisfaction rating is at a three-year high. (
* A TV journalist sues Hartford police after he’s stopped from using his drone at an accident scene. (
* Emily Badger and Jason Millman join Washington Post’s Wonkblog. (
* LinkedIn now lets users write longer posts. ( | (