Sun-Times drops freelance sportswriter after he lectures a basketball team he covers

Sportswriter Clyde Travis didn’t just cover Wednesday night’s Curie-Hyde Park high school basketball game as a Chicago Sun-Times freelancer; he went into the Curie locker room and gave a stern post-game two-minute lecture. “This is not an isolated incident,” says my tipster. (The video was shot by Mike Kosman of He wouldn’t speak on the record – he didn’t sound happy with me – and hinted that he would be taking the video down. Update: He did.)

Clyde Travis lectures the players.

Clyde Travis lectures the players.

Here’s some of what Travis told the team:

I hope you all gave yourselves a good round of applause. You know why? Because you all stunk that shit up worse than anything I’ve seen. That was the worst exhibition of basketball that I’ve seen in about 30 years. And not that they weren’t trying, it’s that you guys did not come out focused. You are the number one team in the state, and they played like they were the number one team in the state. …

The word that I would use in terms of looking at how you all played was it was a very unintelligent game. ….”

I was not able to reach Travis for comment. Sun-Times news and sports deputy managing editor Chris De Luca sends this statement:

“Clyde Travis is a freelance writer for Sun-Times Media. We take a matter like this very seriously. We have conducted an investigation and, at this time, are no longer using his services.”

* Clyde Travis’s lecture starts at the 2:00 mark (youtube) [It’s been removed]
* Travis: Curie hangs on, advances to city title game (