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The “Recommended for You” feature is not new but it has had more prominence since The Times recently unveiled its redesigned website,” writes public editor Margaret Sullivan. “Some readers strongly object. I’ve heard from many of them over the past several weeks.”

* Is there any escape from “Recommended for You”? (

The Twitter account of Milwaukee’s leading online magazine:

A parody account that just launched:

The real OnMilwaukee publisher’s tweet:

“We know who it is,” Tarnoff tells Romenesko readers. “Long time troll. As long as it’s not using our logo and pretending to be us, that’s great. But in this case, get it shut down.”

* Official OnMilwaukee account (@onmilwaukee)
* Unofficial OnMilwaukee account (@onmilwaukeee)

Fern Shen reports Baltimore City Paper staffers met Thursday afternoon with their new boss at the Sun and were told that everyone loses their jobs, but could be rehired. I’m told that employees will learn next Friday if they’ll return to the Sun-owned City Paper. One pessimist there expects 50% of the staff will be cut, while someone else predicts the Sun will keep most CP employees. city
City Paper has 25 full-time non-union staffers, while Sun newsroom employees are represented by the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild.

Shen asks: “What are the chances The Baltimore Sun keeps Savage Love!?” I’d say 100%. Sun director of niche media Jennifer Marsh, who used to work at City Paper and will now run the alt-weekly show, has to know the popularity of Dan Savage’s column. (I’ve called Marsh and left a message.) Update: Marsh told me she couldn’t discuss anything and referred me to Sun marketing director Renee Mutchnik. Her voicemail said she’s away until Monday.

Did City Paper staffers expect to be acquired by the Sun? “It was mostly unexpected,” I was told by one source. “It was such a bad thing to think.”
High-fiving at the Sun as the daily acquires its occasional critic? No, he says.

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