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Guys this old shouldn't be carrying Bieber signs

Guys this old shouldn’t be carrying Bieber signs

* Report: Wendy Davis had a role in barring the press from a speech to Travis County Democrats last month. (
* Atlanta radio hosts fool the media with their Justin Bieber stunt. ( | The Regular Guys from Rock 100.5 are so proud! (
* Larry Platt – Philly’s “Darth Vader of Journalism” – blasts a documentary about the newspaper industry. (
* Editor’s Note of the Day: “A previous version of this article misunderstood the role of a public editor. We regret this error.” (
* Erik Wemple: “Petty” Piers Morgan was bound to fail at CNN. ( | Piers haters want credit for the show’s demise. ( | Do Piers Morgan fans exist? (
* A.H. Belo announces it wants to get rid of the Providence Journal and its shares climb 30%. (
* Ken Doctor calls the Comcast/Netflix deal “an attempt at road repair.” (
* How to bargain with your cable company. (Don’t play the I’m-going-to-leave-you card too often.) (

On February 17, Miami Herald business editor Jane Wooldridge announced on Facebook that she was selling her home:

In Wooldridge’s comments section, Realtor Carole Smith thanks the business editor for letting her represent her $2 million-plus residence:

In today’s Herald, realtor Smith has an ad running along the bottom of the BusinessMonday section. The featured home? Editor Wooldridge’s:

I invited Wooldridge and Herald executive editor Mindy Marques to comment.

Update: Herald managing editor Rick Hirsch sends this email:

Jane Wooldridge is our business editor. She and her husband, a Miami architect, are selling their home. Like most people who sell their homes, she hired a real estate agent.

Her real estate agent has an annual contract with the Miami Herald that includes a weekly ad on our Monday business magazine. This week, the agent included Jane’s home in that ad. The ad does not indicate who the home belongs to.

Jane played no role in placing the advertisement. She does not oversee our real estate reporter, who reports to a senior editor.

We see no conflict in a Herald employee patronizing an advertiser.

* Selling your home – the Miami Herald way ( | Tour the home (warning: music kicks in)
* Earlier: Globe and Mail columnist uses “Home of the Week” feature to sell her place (

Julie Tremmel was fired from WJAR-TV in Rhode Island just days after doing this handstand for a live report about the “America’s Got Talent” TV show.

Dianne Williamson reports:

The stunt wasn’t the first time she raised eyebrows at WJAR. Last summer, after a bear was spotted in the area, Tremmel took to the woods with a hands-on re-enactment about how to respond to a bear attack. The piece included her flapping her arms and curling up in the fetal position.

Veteran WJAR investigative reporter Jim Taricani complained on Facebook that Tremmel’s antic was “a smudge on our station’s reputation,” and said that “some TV reporters like to draw attention to themselves… [which is] an insult to most of us trying to be professional.” (BuzzFeed called Tremmel’s bear-attack video “the funniest thing in the world.”)

Tremmel, 36, and her union are fighting the dismissal.

* A handstand hullabaloo in Providence (
* WJAR is thought of as “the sober establishment station” (
* Petition: Bring Julie Tremmel back to NBC 10 (
* Earlier: Taricani criticizes WJAR’s viral bear video (

Update: “If you send your reporter out to shill for your network’s TV show, there really is no standard low enough to define a firing offense,” and other comments from my Facebook wall.

Bob Bullock was your typical old-school newspaperman. He didn’t care much about fashion (Bullock favored ratty T-shirts), wasn’t concerned about nutrition (he ate at Jack in the Box almost daily), and drove around in a junker (a rusty Volkswagen Beetle).

Bob Bullock

Bob Bullock

“Bullock stands out in [Monterey County Herald] newsroom lore for never once calling in sick in 43 years,” writes Phil Molnar. “But he did leave early twice: Once for indigestion and another from a leg wound.”

Bullock, who never married and pretty much lived in the Herald newsroom, died last July at age 87, and left his entire fortune of $2.2 million to Monterey Peninsula College for journalism scholarships.

“I was shocked and amazed … to hear what he’s given to this college,” says Alex Hulanicki, a former reporter who worked with Bullock for 24 years.

An employee of the Monterey Peninsula College Foundation tells me that Bullock and his attorney spent 15 years trying to decide where to leave the journalist’s millions.

“He was an extremely conservative investor,” says Saundra L. Randazzo, who helped Bullock set up his scholarship fund. “He didn’t spend any money.”

Update: I asked Phil Molnar, who wrote the Herald’s story about Bullock, if he had any more anecdotes to share. He sent this back:

I never knew Bob Bullock but luckily I got to talk to a lot of old timers yesterday. Here are a few [bits] you might be able to use:

– The second-only time Bob had to leave early was whenjack he had a leg wound (I don’t know how he got it) but he still put out his sports pages before he left. He ended up getting 26 stitches by the time he made it to a doctor.
– “Shortest and soonest” was his advice to young reporters.
– His interests included bridge, Broadway shows, books, and jogging on the beach.
– His attorney, Barbara Meija, said everyone at the Jack in the Box in downtown Monterey knew his name because he went there every day.

* Ex-Herald editor wanted to give back to Monterey Peninsula College (

* In Wisconsin, Dodgeville’s mayor covers news for the local weekly. “It just seems to me the kind of conflict that really isn’t the appropriate thing for journalists,” says a University of Wisconsin ethicist. (

Newlywed Brian Stelter and ex-colleague David Carr

Newlywed Brian Stelter and ex-colleague David Carr

* Report: David Carr broke the news of Piers Morgan‘s CNN show ending during dessert at Brian Stelter‘s wedding. (And nobody tweeted it from there?) (@edmundlee) | Carr: “Reunited [with Stelter] and it feels so good.” (@carr2n)
* Re Piers’ flop: “He’ll write a book about the experience, I’m sure.” (I doubt people will buy a book about a talk show they didn’t care to watch.) (
* In 2013, The New York Review of Books published 212 male book reviewers and 52 female. (
* David Cay Johnston recalls former Los Angeles Times editor Bill Thomas. ( | Thomas dies at 89. (
* Michael Wolff says Forbes has become “a user comment site” rather than a magazine. (
* “Ask a Mexican” columnist Gustavo Arellano blasts BuzzFeed’s “13 Dishes That Aren’t Actually Mexican.” (
coach* Paging Gannett’s WBIR-TV! South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier just got a big raise; he’s not going to Texas. ( | Update: They took it down.
* NYT Co. is offering about 200 people the option of receiving a one-time lump-sum payment equal to the present value of their pension benefit. ( h/t @footnoted
* Former Cosmo editor-in-chief Kate White‘s advice to students: Get internships, “but more than that you have to figure out a way to stand out in the pack when you’re doing it.” (
* The TV News Nod explained: “Rather than stand there looking stupid for several beats after the anchor has tossed to you, the field reporters start nodding as they hear their introduction so they appear engaged during the delay.” (
* New York magazine (an issue from 1970 at left: “As we speed up online, we’re doing the opposite in print.” (
* Alec Baldwin: “The problem with everybody on MSNBC is none of them are funny, although that doesn’t prevent them from trying to be.” (
* Prediction: Only “a small percentage” of CNBC viewers will follow Maria Bartiromo over to her new morning slot at Fox Business. (
* The head of digital at Dow Jones is ousted. (
* BuzzFeed’s revenue is expected to double to $120 million this year. (Reuters via
* Complaint calls coming in now, I bet: Peoria Journal Star drops daily TV listings. (