Mardi Gras floats lampoon New Orleans newspapers and the Advocate’s owner

Reading the Times-Picayune's TP Street with a magnifying glass

Reading the Times-Picayune’s TP Street with a magnifying glass

Robert Morris of the Uptown Messenger in New Orleans, who has been covering Mardi Gras, tells Romenesko readers: “I almost didn’t notice but the rear of the float about the [New Orleans] Advocate lampooned the Times-Picayune’s tabloid edition. I attached a pic of that [at right].

“Muses also had a float about [Advocate owner John] Georges: ‘The emperor’s new clothes,’ but unfortunately we didn’t get a shot of it. (He doesn’t look too bothered by it in this Instagram I just found.)”

The second photo on this page mocks Georges’ purchase of the Advocate.

Morris adds: “It’s interesting that the satirical focus has shifted to The Advocate this year. But more broadly, if you want any explanation of why a small city like New Orleans has two major newspapers, I think the fact that the city cares enough about them to parade giant floats about them through the streets on a yearly basis should help explain it.”

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