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* 1 in 10 Americans think HTML is an STD (

Update: “2 in 10 think STD is a motor-oil additive,” and more comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers.

Update: There’s a press release, but where’s the actual survey and detailed findings? (

* A Michigan newspaper staffer who shot video at a plane crash scene has his felony charges dropped. (
* Four fired Chicago Sun-Times photographers are rejoining the paper this week. (
trav* Brian Stelter‘s Sunday morning CNN media show beats Howard Kurtz‘s Fox News “MediaBuzz” in the 25-54 demo for the first time. (
* Stelter: “The reason I started [TVNewser] was because I had a boring first semester” at Towson. (
* Slate’s Travoltify-Your-Name widget is – of course – huge! (
* The Associated Press pulls its photo of scouts giving what appears to be “Hitler’s sign.” (
* Charlie Pierce calls “Wait Wait” colleague Carl Kassel “the calm, mature presence … among the assembled rabble.” (
* Peter Goodman leaves The Huffington Post to become International Business Times editor-in-chief. (
* American Press Institute’s revenue less expenses in its latest 1099: -$3.5 million. Top two executives’ combined pay: $866,829. [A reader: “Those two top executives are paid by the Newspaper Association of America, not by API.”] (
* Former Wonkette and Gawker blogger Ken Layne launches, “a site for active environmentalists.” (
vice* Vice News is BBC-like serious. Really. (
* Arizona State is offering the first online graduate certificate in business journalism. (
* Columbia Journalism Review is seeking freelance regional correspondents. (
* contributors’ pay is based on page views. (

Carl Kasell will record his final “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” broadcast this spring,kasell
but he’ll continue to record custom voice mail greetings for the show’s winners. He’ll also occasionally show up on the program.

“I can honestly say I am the luckiest man around to be able to have worked at a job I love for so many years,” says Kasell. “It’s truly been a joy for me.”

NPR says Kasell fans can leave appreciation voice mails at 1-888-WAIT-WAIT. (That’s 1-888-924-8924; choose option 2.)

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Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory says of the paper’s paywall going down: “I’m sure there’s a Reagan joke to crack here, but it’s too obvious even for me.”

He adds in a memo:

We’ve replaced the paywall with a meter that allows readers ten free stories in a 30-day period.globe After that, they’ll be challenged to pull out their credit card and pony up. In truth, the paywall was successful, measured in the nearly 60,000 digital-only subscribers to But the universal belief is that we can bring even more paying readers to the site with a meter.

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— Photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice

This is what Larry King looked like when Ben Fong-Torres interviewed him for the San Francisco Chronicle one afternoon in 1986.

Peter Hartlaub: It’s kind of a short bathrobe. Did you see anything you can’t unsee? (More specifically, did Larry King flash you?)

Deanne Fitzmaurice: No, Larry didn’t flash me. He seemed very comfortable in that bathrobe.

* The Larry King bathrobe interview of 1986 (

As seen on the front pages of the Los Angeles Daily News and its sister newspapers:
* Missouri School of Journalism is closing its survey center. (
* A new weekly magazine about Pope Francis will have an initial press run of 3 million copies. (
* Washington D.C. restaurant owners are warned that Post food critic Tom Sietsema “often ventures into the territory of cruel.” (
* Jen Sorensen is the first woman to win the Herblock Prize. (
* Sam Quinones leaves the Los Angeles Times to freelance. “Journalism, you may have heard, is changing, and I want to see if I can change with it,” he says. (
* “We publish 400 things a day,” says BuzzFeed boss Jonah Peretti. (
* New York Times corrects an article from 1853. (
* “Sparkling prose” from recent New York Times stories. (
* At least three college papers have announced in the last month that they’re dropping print. (
* Warren Buffett‘s newspapers lose readers. (
* New Yorker’s Matt Buchanan and BuzzFeed’s John Hermann are joining The Awl. ( | The Awl explains itself. (
* Legendary New York Daily News reporter Don Singleton “pretty well had an idea of what he wanted to do in life, and it panned out.” (

The Romenesko reader who sent Tampa Bay Times CEO Paul Tash’s letter to employees writes: “Interesting that a day after you have the Tampa Trib piece on the Tampa Bay Times’ interesting financial picture, the Times sends out a letter saying it plans to underfund the pension account, but [says] ‘trust us, we’re fine.'”

* Earlier: Tampa Bay Times to cut newsroom staff by 10% (