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Dawn Chmielewski is joining Kara Swisher, Walt Mossberg & Co. at Re/Code. Here’s the memo from Los Angeles Times assistant managing editor John Corrigan:

After a great run at The Times covering entertainment and technology, Dawn Chmielewski is leaving to work for the tech news startup Re/Code.
Among her many memorable stories, Dawn chronicled Disney’s struggles with “John Carter,” one of the costliest film flops ever, and (with Harriet Ryan) broke the story of the Hollywood casting agent who worked with child actors, even though he was a registered sex offender.

More recently, Dawn led our coverage of Netflix, writing last week’s A-1 story about the deal it cut with Comcast to keep its video streams running smoothly.

Dawn’s deep knowledge of technology helped shape our coverage of Hollywood, and she’s regularly contributed breaking news to Company Town’s report. And who could forget her first-person Column One about participating in “Dancing with the Stars?”

Dawn’s last day will be Friday, March 14. We’ll have details on her send-off soon.

The 2014 National City and Regional Magazine Awards finalists have been announced. texas
Topping the list with double-digit nominations are Los Angeles Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Texas Monthly, and Washingtonian.

Magazines with five or more nominations include 5280 (Denver), Atlanta Magazine, Boston Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, D Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly and Seattle Met.

MPLS. St. Paul Magazine received three nominations, while seven magazines received two nominations and 14 received one.

Winners will be announced in May. The press release (excerpted) is after the jump. Read More

NPR spokesman Emerson Brown tells Romenesko readers: “So far we’ve gotten approximately 300 messages and counting. As you know, the voice mailbox filled up and we had to make more room. In general, all the messages have been extremely thoughtful and kind.” (The number is 1-888-924-8924; choose option 2.)


* Carl Kasell is retiring from NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” (

Chicago artist John Campbell, 30, says he’s burned the books his Kickstarter donors paid for because he doesn’t have money to ship them. In 2012, he hoped to raise $8,000 for his book, “Pictures for Sad Children,” but he ended up getting over $51,000.

“I didn’t expect it to be that successful,” he says.

Campbell tells Alisa Hauser of DNAinfo Chicago that burned 127 books in an alley behind his apartment in response to getting over 100 emails from backers seeking their copies of “Sad Children.”

* Artist raises $51K on Kickstarter, then burns his books (
* “I shipped about 75% of Kickstarter rewards to backers; I will not be shipping any more” (

I’m still waiting for the Tampa Bay Times to respond to my inquiry, too.

From a Poynter Online post:
-- From Poynter's story

* Tampa Bay Times plans buyouts in advance of job reductions (
* Earlier: Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times to cut 10% of newsroom staff, says report (

Jeff Bercovici has posted outtakes from his Playboy Interview with Gawker founder Nick Denton. A sample:

BERCOVICI: Have you ever gotten a death threat that you took seriously?

Photo: Marius Bugge

Photo: Marius Bugge


BERCOVICI: That’s surprising.

DENTON: The thing is nothing bad has ever happened to me, really. I think I have a distorted view of risk because of it. People have told me I’m going to get sued out of existence.

BERCOVICI: What do you think of Rupert buying a $70 million stake in Vice?

DENTON: It’s the gruesomely ludicrous efforts of an old man to be relevant.

* Outtakes from my Playboy Interview with Nick Denton (

* CNN sells Zite to Flipboard. “The deal is valued at $60 million,” CNN reports. zite The cable network bought the iPad magazine in 2011 for just over $20 million. ( | Zite CEO Mark Johnson says he won’t be joining Flipboard. (
* Peter Kafka: “I would be very surprised if Flipboard … spent $60 million in cash for Zite.” (
* Two Cal Poly student government presidential candidates have been fined $100 for talking to the campus paper before the official campaign season. (
* A Baltimore City Paper editor fears the weekly will lose its edge under Sun ownership. (
* CBS anchor Scott Pelley calls network evening news shows “a big growth area.” (
* Conan O’Brien and his writers suspect BuzzFeed is running out of lists. ( | Why the media need to stop imitating BuzzFeed. (
* Anna Hiatt: “Self-identifying as ‘longform’ has become hot.” (
* Of course they did! “Samsung declined to comment about Ms. DeGeneres’ iPhone usage” at the Oscars. (
* Questions are raised about ESPN The Magazine’s “Whistleblower’s Last Stand” piece that brings up childhood sexual abuse. (
* Jeff Bezos adds to his Business Insider investment. (
* Oh, to have Carl Kasell say your name on the radio! (“Most thrilling.”) (
* Noted: Since last Tuesday, John McCain has appeared 12 times across Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg. (
* A teen is hired by a newspaper to find ways to attract young readers. “Anybody have some ideas?” the college freshman asks on Reddit. (
* There’s no “Daily Tar Hell” spoof issue this year. (
* The new weekly devoted to the Pope is fanzine-like. (