Morning Report for March 5, 2014

* CNN sells Zite to Flipboard. “The deal is valued at $60 million,” CNN reports. zite The cable network bought the iPad magazine in 2011 for just over $20 million. ( | Zite CEO Mark Johnson says he won’t be joining Flipboard. (
* Peter Kafka: “I would be very surprised if Flipboard … spent $60 million in cash for Zite.” (
* Two Cal Poly student government presidential candidates have been fined $100 for talking to the campus paper before the official campaign season. (
* A Baltimore City Paper editor fears the weekly will lose its edge under Sun ownership. (
* CBS anchor Scott Pelley calls network evening news shows “a big growth area.” (
* Conan O’Brien and his writers suspect BuzzFeed is running out of lists. ( | Why the media need to stop imitating BuzzFeed. (
* Anna Hiatt: “Self-identifying as ‘longform’ has become hot.” (
* Of course they did! “Samsung declined to comment about Ms. DeGeneres’ iPhone usage” at the Oscars. (
* Questions are raised about ESPN The Magazine’s “Whistleblower’s Last Stand” piece that brings up childhood sexual abuse. (
* Jeff Bezos adds to his Business Insider investment. (
* Oh, to have Carl Kasell say your name on the radio! (“Most thrilling.”) (
* Noted: Since last Tuesday, John McCain has appeared 12 times across Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg. (
* A teen is hired by a newspaper to find ways to attract young readers. “Anybody have some ideas?” the college freshman asks on Reddit. (
* There’s no “Daily Tar Hell” spoof issue this year. (
* The new weekly devoted to the Pope is fanzine-like. (