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fox* Fox News can’t spell “spelling bee.” (
* How long before Sharyl Attkisson shows up on Fox News? ( | A Washington Examiner editor invites her for coffee. (@mtapscott)
* The Upshot replaces FiveThirtyEight at the New York Times. (
jillab* No limo for Times executive editor Jill Abramson (right) at SXSW. (@carr2n)
* Miami Herald photojournalist Al Diaz wins NPPA’s Humanitarian Award for getting help when a five-month-old child stopped breathing. (
* National Press Foundation is criticized for teaming up with Coca Cola. (
* Aaron Kushner & Co. are launching Los Angeles Register on April 16. (
* Do newsweeklies have a future? asks Rem Rieder. (
* Sun-Times’ Carol Marin apologizes to a conservative radio talker. (
* John Cook leaves Gawker for Pierre Omidyar‘s First Look Media. ( | He’ll be editor-in-chief of The Intercept. (
* David Ellis quits Bloomberg to become CQ Roll Call’s vice president of news. (

facebookA Romenesko reader reminds us: “It’s important on Facebook to understand that when you are posting an article or a photo that Facebook automatically crops the photo. This can lead to some embarrassing moments. Maybe I”m just infantile but this little crop made me giggle a little bit. In photos and graphics, often context is everything. I’m not sure NYT did anything wrong here, … The attached photo is a screen grab from my facebook feed. …I don’t want my name associated [with this]. I’m back in the news game these days and like to keep a low profile :)”

* Inheriting stress (

Lars Ulrich: Not dead yet

Lars Ulrich: Not dead yet

The hiker found unresponsive on San Jacinto Peak Trail was identified by the Riverside County Coroner as Ulrich Luscher.

The hiker was identified by the Los Angeles Times as Lars Ulrich. (Metallica fans know Lars Ulrich as the group’s drummer.)

* Lars Ulrich found dead on a hiking trail (
* Ulrich Luscher identified as dead hiker ( | (

Update: The Times has changed the name. Here’s the paper’s first version:lars

Seattle Star ad: “We need young, enthusiastic, flexible writers, willing to try what newspapers and weeklies are not willing to.”


* Seattle Star’s ad ( | The ad is discussed on Facebook (

Many people are saying that Amtrak’s writers’ residencies program is really swell, but have they looked at the fine print?

“This thing is poison,” writes Diane Duane. “So please, I beg of you, step away from the very large diesel-powered vehicle.”

* You’re looking like a content bully, Amtrak (
* Earlier: Inside Amtrak’s awesome plan to give free rides to writers (

rich* If sells for $3 billion, Don Graham‘s company would get $500 million — twice the sale price of the Washington Post, notes Josh du Lac. (@jfdulac)
* Bill Simmons on Nate Silver‘s FiveThirtyEight: “I think it’s not the site that some people think it is. It’s not going to be a politics site. It’s going to be a really smart site that hits politics and weather and sports and pop culture.” (
* Julian Assange: “We got lucky, because we ended up with an opponent [the NSA] that didn’t have a PR strategy.” ( | (
* Nothing to do with body parts: “Candidate for best misleading headline,” writes Romenesko reader Tim Millard, who sent the Daily Item item on the right. (
* A Chicago reporter who was at the Oscars wonders if the entertainment press is “working at a level beneath that of sports journalists.” (
* What you think you know about the web is wrong, says Chartbeat’s CEO. (
* Marc Andreessen‘s ideas about the news business aren’t new. (
* Oregon wants a weekly paper to pay $59,500 for running an ad that excluded people with children from applying for an apartment rental. (
* Pot ads touted in a press release never aired, but “reporters for news organizations, including ABC News, Time magazine and The Chicago Tribune, all published stories as if the press release was fact.” (
* Matt Taibbi left Rolling Stone for First Look Media to “keep from falling into a pattern.” (
* Former Patch editors are starting their own hyperlocal sites. (
* NewCity, a scrappy Chicago alt-weekly, is getting into the movie business. (
* Another reader submission: “Woman’s finger almost bitton off.” (
* “The whole [Newsweek/bitcoin] drama has gotten under my skin.” (
* Jeff Pearlman: I love writing books, but promoting them is gut-wrenching. (
* Why the company behind Candy Crush shouldn’t go public. (
* “Successful” London Review of Books struggles to make money. (