Evening Report for March 11, 2014

* Interested in bidding for a Thomson Reuters one-week unpaid internship? (talkingpoints.com.au)
* What University of Oregon Daily Emerald editors learned during their fabrication investigation. (dailyemerald.com)
* Amtrak has received 7,000 residency applications from writers vying for 24 positions. (thewire.com)
* Harvard’s looking for a $16/hour Wikipedian-in-Residence Assistant. (state.ma.us via @jbenton)
* How to write about San Francisco if you’re not from San Francisco. (sfgate.com)
* Gawker boss Nick Denton blasts “pointless” BuzzFeed. (talkingpointsmemo.com)
* Oh, stop bragging! “We have a drone,” says Fresno Bee’s publisher. (thebusinessjournal.com)
* “Wait Wait” host Peter Sagal wants to be funny but profound when he delivers his first commencement speech this spring. (wmuk.org)
* Fired from Politico in 2012, Joseph Williams is now peddling sporting goods. (theatlantic.com)
* New York Times gambles on $8/month NYT Now. (nytimes.com)
* Is it a new thing for newspapers to accept money from City Hall? (cjr.org)
* “Closing crew at The Plain Dealer…we piled out for a foto before corporate snatched our sign.” (@rlsmithpd) | New offices for the Plain Dealer staff. (cleveland.com)
* Former CNN and NBC execs Jon Klein and Jeff Gaspin launch TAPP (TV App). (mediabistro.com) | They reportedly want to sign Sarah Palin. (variety.com)